Sweden's costly experiment in "Palestine"

As someone pithily put it, Swedish Labour Party MP Hillevi Larsson seems to be at least one sandwich short of a full picnic.

A few days ago she posed delightedly with an award she received from the Swedish Palestine Association to commemorate her staunch support of the Palestinian Arabs’ intransigent positions on … well… everything.

She allowed herself to be photographed with her award, a plaque depicting “Palestine”. A “state” her newly formed and equally quickly dissolved Swedish government recognized. It was the Swedish left-wing government’s only act, domestic or international, during its embarrassing 60 days in office before fading into history.

The problem is, the “Palestine” depicted in the plaque erases the whole of the state of Israel. This is the official Palestinian Arab position, from Fatah to Hamas to Islamic Jihad to everyone else in between. That’s understandable – the terrorists want everything and are willing to compromise on nothing. What’s problematic is that Sweden supports this position. Not just diplomatically but, to an absolutely unimaginable degree, financially too. Most recently with another 1.5 billion kronor taken directly from Swedish pensioners’ funds and diverted to Ramallah and Gaza. Imprisoned Arab terrorists and their dependants on the outside get a lifetime pension calculated on a sliding scale that varies with the number of Jews they succeed in killing in terrorist acts.

Facing a furious backlash on account of her support for the most extremist forms of Palestinian Arab expansionism, including the wiping out of UN member state Israel, Hillevi Larsson now states (the poor English is her own):

"I haven´t had any influence of the awards design."

Well, that’s all right then isn’t it? So if in fact the award had been designed in the shape of a swastika, in accordance with the Nazi philosophy that guides Palestinian Arab parties such as Fatah and Hamas (who incidentally make up the coalition government of “Palestine”) then Larsson would be equally delighted to receive the award. After all, she didn’t have any influence in the design of the award…

With delicious lack of logic or self-criticism, Hillevi Larsson actually goes on to bring up the Nazi connection herself:

"The Nazis cruelties during world war two was a main contributing factor to why I decided to engage in politics originally. To strive for a world where this would never happen again."

Yet she is perfectly comfortable supporting an overtly Nazi doctrine as espoused by Fatah and even the Hamas Nazi salute, as well as these two governing parties’ expansionist claims to the whole of Israel for the fictitious state of “Palestine”.

And what of “Palestine”? All it would take for “Palestine” to have a friendly, reliable and helpful neighbour in Israel – as indeed was envisioned back in 1948 and fully endorsed by Israel back then – would be for the Arabs to once and for all acknowledge that they have no territorial claims on the Jewish state. It’s just words, after all: “no more war”.

But see, THAT is precisely the sticking point. THAT is what neither Fatah nor Hamas can bring themselves to say. Because THAT is precisely what they want: all of Israel, not an Israel living side by side with Palestine, a country which could have been established 66 years ago.

That boat has of course long sailed and will never return. “Palestine” is a lost issue once and for all, because the Palestinian Arab leadership is utterly incapable of reconciling itself or its people to living in peace with its Jewish neighbor. “Palestine” is an expansionist, racist, violence-ridden Nazi entity in every sense of the word. Probably the only thing that rival gangs Fatah and Hamas agree on is their vision of “Palestine” as judenrein, conquering and totally encompassing all of Israel. Want proof? Here are the official logos of Fatah and Hamas (just to drive home the point, the Hamas logo also depicts the swords that will be used to rid the land of Jews). Just look at these maps of “Palestine”. Now point out where UN member state Israel fits in on those maps…

Only problem is, intellectual lightweights like Swedish MP Hillevi Larsson are incapable of realizing what this means.

Just as they are incapable of realizing how much they are actively preventing peace and reconciliation by promoting and supporting intransigence, expansionism, violence and racism. And thereby perpetuating the conflict. The most expensive conflict in the history of mankind.

If people like Swedish MP Hillevi Larsson cannot read the words in Arabic or English, they should surely be smart enough to understand the symbolism of the map they proudly display? I mean, even young kindergarten children understand brightly colored pictures, don’t they?

Not, apparently, the brightest and best in the Swedish Labour party, where neither intelligence nor social awareness seem to be held in high regard.

The current Left-wing Swedish government lasted just 60 days. It is an unprecedented kick in the scrotum by the electorate and, thankfully, by Sweden’s other political parties which gaped aghast as Swedish pensioners’ funds were diverted from Swedish pensioners and sent on to recipients in Ramallah and Gaza.

It is to be hoped that Sweden will regain its sense of balance and propriety when new elections are held in March 2015 – at a massive cost of a quarter of a billion kronor to the taxpayer.

Swedish Labour’s flirt with its electorate in Ramallah and Gaza has thus cost Sweden’s taxpayers a total of 1.75 billion kronor in just 60 days.

Such a shame it is the electorate in Stockholm and Gothenburg that is having to bear the cost.