Donald Trump-America’s greatest President or America’s Most destructive President – A reflection of a year of President Trump.



A year  ago I wrote in this blog ( that  provided two options  of how  USA would  potentially look like  during  a Trump presidency. While I was hoping that  President  Trump  and  America will succeed , I  also outlined  what  the USA would look like if President Trump  failed.  No one really knew  how President  Trump would fare. This  blog will provide a snap shot   of how  President  Trump is doing .

Please keep in mind  , I am a registered  Democrat and have been  for the past 48 years



Economy -  The economy is booming . The stock  market  has  gone up 5000 points since  his election.  I forecast that  the Dow  will be at 25000 by 2020, it looks like  it will get close to  2500 by the end of  2017. Unbelievable  !!! The GDP has been over  3 percent for the past 2 quarters , almost doubling the average under the Obama administration. The passage of the new  Tax Law  will probably increase the GDP to 4 percent  by end of 2018. The  elimination of anti business regulation will stimulate many segments of the  American  economy. Unemployment continues to drop.  Challenges for 2018 is the passage of the infrastructure bill  that will not significant increase the deficit.


President  Trump exceeded  my expectations of what  Trump presidency would do  to the economy




Global Trade -  President  Trump has pulled out  of multi-lateral  agreements in favor  of bilateral agreements a big part of  the  economy.  While  the jury is still out  how effective these bi lateral  trade agreements will be,  global trade  has not  come to a screeching halt .



On foreign policy  and security story  the first year   has been  almost as rosy. Donald Trump learnt  from the Israel  and is the early stages of building a real and virtual  wall to protect the population. 11 million immigrants have not been  not deported, and the number of illegal immigrants entering the USA have decreased dramatically. A new immigration  laws need to be  one of the objectives of the next  year  for President  Trump.


Jerusalem was recognized as the  capital of Israel by the USA. Tys will lead  to other countries moving their embassies. President Trump has shown to be the most pro Israel President . Appointing Nikki Haley to the UN is starting  to have a positive impact on the UN behavior.  Russia  and  USA collaborated to destroy ISIS . But USA is strengthening   Ukraine against the  Russian  backed rebels. Iranian  and North Korean sanctions  are being  be  strengthened. Iran and Russia  were able  to save Assad in Syria,  leaving the USA out of  any final decision. Iran was the big winner of this battle , but the USA is determined that they will not win the war .  Currently Saudi Arabia, Israel  are plotting  with the USA on how to confront the Iranian/ Hezbollah  threat.  Trump is showing that  he will stand  up  for  America and its’ allies. He will need to show  how  he can  handle the complexities  of North Korea and Iran in the coming years.


While the State of the Union  today is better than it was a year ago,  there are  still some concerning signs that need to be addressed, such as the  increase in anti Semitism ,racial  and political tensions.


Clearly President Trump is clearly a non traditional President.  His use of twitter  and his ad-libing is not helping  with the media and those  who are not  part of his base when he focuses in on irrelevant  topics. Clearly the media  and many American  have not adjusted  to his style and rhetoric.  And the Russian  collusion charges  are still a  cloud over his administration.  But how America has progressed in a year is impressive. Will America  really be  stronger economically , politically,morally, and militarily with the changes that he has advocated . Only time will tell.

Is  President Trump on his  way to be the  best  or worst   USA President .  Too early to tell, but indicators  is that  he is trending towards the best.  Hopefully the changes will continue to be positive , as there are  still many challenges that need  to be addressed.