San Bernardino Terror Attack

The recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino was committed by a devout muslim couple targeting a Christmas party in a conference room taking the lives of 14 people and injuring 21. The bodies of the victims weren't even cold yet when Democrats rushed to twitter to cry for stricter gun control. How about jihad control? When can we see that happen? It also took several hours for officials to release the suspects' names and after discovering a bomb making factory in the suspect's home, cops are still looking for a motive when the motive is practically screaming in their faces. What's worse, the attack could have been prevented by a neighbor who witnessed suspicious behavior but felt too uncomfortable to racially profile anyone. 
This isn't the first time politically correct government officials shied away from labeling a terrorist attack for what it is, a terrorist attack. The beheading of a woman by her muslim coworker in Oklahoma was excused for workplace violence and the Chattanooga terrorist was apparently so depressed he needed to kill a few American soldiers to cheer himself up. Sadly, only one month ago student Faisal Mohammed went on a stabbing spree in UC Merced because he was so angry for being kicked out of a study group. It was later reported that investigators found a print out of the ISIS flag with his belongings along with a two page detailed plan that mentioned Allah.  
The left will point a finger at anything but the ugly truth. The truth is inconvenient and it's not called "violent extremism" or "radical Islam." Islam is Islam, and when interpreted literally is more like a death cult than a religion. Anyone today can look up the quran online or buy it from Barnes & Noble and read at least 100 not so peaceful verses from the holy scriptures. It's time to acknowledge the problem with the Islamic religion and the texts that inspire terrorism world wide. 
Islam is not a religion of peace, no matter how much Obama wants it to be. After every terrorist attack committed by jihadists our Western leaders and of course, CAIR, hurry to assure us that the terrorists aren't really muslims and that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam. If you think differently than you're just a racist Islamophobe. After all, the President did say the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet and according to Kerry, drawing a cartoon of Mohammed is just asking for it.