The yellow patch of shame
A recently published article by The Washington Free Beacon explains why students in the University of San Diego are wearing the yellow patch of the star of david with the word muslim written on it. The reason? The never ending fight against those bigots. 
Professor Bahar Davary decided to combat Islamophobia by being completely insensitive to the jewish community with the use of the yellow patch. She defended her offensive "lesson" by stating “the idea was discussed in my classes of doing a project to start a campus conversation about the anti-muslim rhetoric rising all around us.” The anti-muslim rhetoric is of course the aftermath of Islamic terrorist attacks, the most recent one on a Christmas party in San Bernardino. She continued on to say "we realize that it is a stark symbol that carries a lot of weight and meaning today not only for Jews but for humanity,” If she really did realize that she wouldn't have used it for her own Islamophobia campaign. 
It is important to note that the Nazis were not the first to enforce jews to wear symbols of oppression. Jews who lived under Islamic rule had to pay jizya and show their dhimmitude by way of dress. Dress code for the second class jews varied from not wearing specific colors, wearing belts and bells or having to go barefoot. The purpose of a dress code is to publicly reveal their subjugation to muslim rule. A history lesson no doubt that Professor Davary would ever teach in one of her colorful lessons.
The comparison of muslims today to jews in Nazi Germany is not only offensive, it is ridiculous. American muslims have the right to freedom of religion. A freedom the European jews of the past did not have. The yellow patch of the star of david has and will always be a symbol of the holocaust. It is a reminder of the violent hatred against jews that unfortunately still exists today. 
Sadly, this ignorant comparison is not secluded to college campuses in liberal California. It can be seen and heard on social and mainstream media. No, muslims are not the new jews. While jews suffered under Nazis and Islamic supremacists, muslims are usually victims in other Islamic countries where the law is shariah and democracy is a myth.