The danger of a violent response to border incursions

I am concerned that uncoordinated policy on border security control in advance of the upcoming attempts by Arab neighbors to create international scenes of IDF lethal fire against "innocent demonstrators" when Arabs force themselves across the border fences.
They wish one result of their actions: To draw a violent and deadly response from Israel as Israel surely must when thousands storm our borders.
No one will accept our explanation that we only fired in self defense. The evidence of this was seen during the Mavi Marmara incident. The international community was startled at the death count and the Palestinian activists pursued Israel relentlessly, even when the IDF soldiers fired in self defense.
Israel will be guilty as usual when it happens again on our borders.
This event will be covered by international TV and will lead to claims of "massacre" and "genocide" against civilians by the IDF. There will surely be cries to have Israel censured. There could be demands to have Israelis brought before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
I argue that this is precisely what the Arab provocateurs want. That is their aim.  We need not satisfy them. There are ways to keep our borders secure without opening fire on mass demonstrators, even when they violently attempt to force their way into Israel.
The solution is minefields.
Laying minefields along sensitive stretches of border, namely between the Syrian border and Majdel Shams, and along the Lebanon border.
These stretches of minefields laid between two sets of wire fence should be clearly marked in Arabic and Hebrew. Anyone be foolish to cross this stretch of border, knowing it to be a minefield, takes his life in his own hand.
It should be a sufficient deterrent to prevent any major incursion into Israel.
There will be no reason for the IDF to open fire and, therefore, no international repercussions.
On the contrary, the IDF can be seen with ambulances and medics, giving first aid and humanitarian aid to anyone foolish enough to cross the border.
In advance of an impending hasbara disaster for Israel it is necessary to think out of the box, even if that thinking sounds depressingly negative.
Israel cannot be seen opening fire on "peaceful and unarmed demonstrators" even if those demonstrators do not have peaceful intent. Better to tactically prepare before an event than to be seen apologizing and explaining yet another international disaster for Israel after the event.