An anarchist's paradise

 A couple of days ago I received an email that reads:

Tomorrow: Women action to demand the opening of Shuhada Street

Press conference will be held prior to the protest.

When: Wednesday, June 12, 2012 at 14:00 

Where: Press conference: Sumood and Challenge Center, Hebron
Media contact: Issa Amru (Youth Against Settlement)  (Number removed)
Palestinian women, joined by Israeli and International women, plan to march tomorrow, Wednesday, to Shuhada Street in the city center of Hebron, demanding it’s re-open. 

The action, organized by the “Youth Against Settlements”, is part of the global campaign to Open Shuhada Street which has been closed to the movement of Palestinians.   

The organizers will hold a press conference prior to the demonstration, at the Sumood and Challenge Center in Tal Rumeideh, hebron. The press conference will start at 2pm, and will be followed by the march.

Another one:

 From: Tali Shapiro


On Jun 11, 2012, at 3:28 PM, Irene Nasser wrote:


For rides from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv call me at XXX-XXXXXXX

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Neta Golan

if you want to act as a palestinian woman , if you want to support the palestinian woman rights , Calling the Israeli Army to let them use shuhada street in Hebron . 

For more information Please Call Issa Amro  or send an Email to (email removed)
None of our children are safe in a world in which the children of Gaza can be imprisoned and bombed.


I’ve written numerous times about ‘Shuhada Street’ – the street of the Martyrs in Arabic – King David Street in Hebron.

More about that a few paragraphs down.

But first, who are the ‘activists’ who organized yesterday’s provocation? Here’s one more email:

Register for Transportation to June 15 - June 16 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements
Kufr Qaddum Friday June 15 Contact Alona at XXX-XXXXXXX Al Ma''asara Friday June 15 Contact Dany at  XXX-XXXXXXXNi''lin Friday June 15 Contact Shai at

or XXX-XXXXXXX An Nabi Saleh Friday June 15 Contact Daniel at XXX-XXXXXXX (preferably by SMS) Bil''in Friday June 15 Contact Phone Against Wall XXX-XXXXXXX. Only if you must send e-mail with mobile phone number to [email protected]... but reply in time is not guaranteed  Beit Ummar Saturday June 16 Contact Kobi at XXX-XXXXXXX For those wishing to come from Jerusalem please contact Ruth at XXX-XXXXXXX - Newcomers and those requiring more information are invited to contact Renen at XXX-XXXXXXX

This mail arrived from the same address as the previous one.

These are all one and the same: anti-Israel anarchists, whose basic goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. In an article published a year ago, Caroline Glick lumps them together with Yesh Din, Gush Shalom, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, and attorney Michel Sfard, Breaking the Silence, Bimkom, Peace Now, Gush Shalom, Adalah, the Geneva Initiative, the Committee for Peace and Security and of course, B’Tselem (

These are not love-dovey peackniks. They are dangerous, anti-Israel elements, who, as Glick writes, receive massive financial budgets from the British, Swiss and Irish governments, Christian Aid, the Ford Foundation, DanChurchAid (funded by the Danish government), Diakonia (funded by the Swedish and Norwegian governments and the EU), Trócaire (funded by the Irish and UK governments), Dutch, British, German and Norwegian governments, the EU, and George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Their primary trade is trouble-making, with a capital I for incitement. Working together with many Arabs, such as Hebron’s Issa Amru (see for my run-in with him a few days ago), and others, they incite local populations, leading to massive violence aimed at IDF personnel and civilians.

I’m told that Amru, well known to the authorities, was arrested earlier today for his part in yesterday’s events here in Hebron. As can be seen in the above emails, he was the primary organizer of the anarchists’ march down King David Street, dressed up as Arab women.


Hebron’s leadership has taken numerous measures in an effort to maintain a quiet and peaceful city. These include frequent meetings with Hebron Arab leader Sheich Ja’abari, as well as  meetings and discussions with various organizations in Hebron. We have met with representatives from the International Red Cross, internationals, as well as diplomats from around the world, attempting to allow for an open dialogue and discussion. A few days ago I  met with a group from the very left wing, pro-Palestinian state American Jewish organization J Street. After a short tour of the Beit Hadassah museum, I spent an hour  answering their questions. The discussion was interesting and fruitful. I’m sure we didn’t all agree about everything, but there wasn’t any sense of animosity or uncomfortableness. That’s what happens when civilized people sit together.

However, the same cannot be said about foreign provocateurs,  collaborating with Israeli’s enemies and Israeli left wing extremists, provoking the local population against Jewish civilians and security forces, in places like Hebron, and around Israel. For example: During a violent riot today in Bil’in, rioters continued to hurl rocks at security forces and damage the security fence. Approximately 70 rioters participated. In addition, another violent riot occurred simultaneously in Hebron in which four Border Policemen were injured and one Border Policewoman was lightly injured after being assaulted by a female rioter. The rioter was subsequently arrested and Fri: ~70 protesters hurled rocks @ security forces in violent protset near Ni''lin.

Clearly, the anarchists who invaded Hebron have a definite agenda, which precludes the Jewish Community of Hebron or any Jewish-Israeli presence in this city.  We expect all Israeli government and security officials to maximize efforts to remove these perilous rabble-rousers from our midst, as they are an actual threat to a peaceful existence in Hebron and elsewhere.  At present, Hebron could be called an anarchist’s paradise. It’s time to send them help others in the Middle East, as long as its outside the borders of the State of Israel. (Like, maybe, Syria.)


Concerning King David (shuhada) Street: Arabs today have access to 97% of Hebron. Jews have access to 3% of Hebron. The only area closed to Arabs is this stretch of road, about a kilometer in length. This street was closed by the IDF following numerous terror attacks in the area, including a suicide bomber who killed two, stabbings, shootings, acid attacks and more. The Israeli supreme court, not known to be a bastion of the right, has upheld the road’s closing for security reasons. It is the only place in Hebron where Arabs have no access, but they do have a bypass route, allowing them to reach whatever their destination might be. Jews, on the other hand, are prevented from accessing the entire H1-Arab side of the city, including holy sites there, such as the cave of Otniel ben Knaz and the famous Hebron-Slobodka yeshiva. For more see: ''King David Street'' or ''Street of the Martyrs'' - Shuhada?

All video and photos: David Wilder