An open letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister: Mr. Espen Barth Eide

An open letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister: Mr. Espen Barth Eide
You surprised me yesterday evening. I really didn''t expect to see you here. Especially following a two hour tour the previous day with your Tiph staff. Following a successful and interesting tour, at Tel Hebron, at the Hebron museum, at the ancient synagogue, and even a visit in my home, I would have, perhaps expected that they would have been polite enough to have informed me of your upcoming visit. Yet they didn’t.
But, then again, nothing can surprise me in Hebron. And actually, if Tiph had any manners, they would not be here in the first place. After all, when a guest knows he''s unwanted, the polite reaction is to leave. Tiph knows that it is an ''unwanted guest.'' So they have been for almost two decades. The time really has come that they leave Hebron.
When we met out on the street, we really didn''t have much time to speak. I believe it would have been beneficial for you to meet with me and other leaders of the Hebron Jewish community. This would have presented you with an opportunity to hear our view, perhaps unknown to you, directly from us, without any intermediaries. You could have presented a differing opinion, we could have discussed the current situation and also options for the future.
It is my understanding that you, together with many other European leaders, are involved in the negotiations between Israel and our Arab neighbors. You have been pressuring Israel to resume talks with the Arabs for years. In other words, you understand that a necessary prerequisite to any kind of peace is communication, direct communications between the various and opposing parties involved.
We too are a party to this dispute. Therefore, theoretically, you should not only be willing, but also desire, to speak too with us. Rather than ignore us, relating to us as if we don’t exist, transparencies.
But, on the other hand, perhaps it was better that we not converse with you. After all, you really aren’t an objective player in the middle-east conflict. You and your Norwegian friends have much blood on your hands. Directly, or indirectly, you are responsible for the terrorist murders of over 1,500 Jews, killed in the past twenty years.
Because, Mr. Foreign Minister, your country has the dubious honor of being part of one of the greatest curses in the history of existence, perhaps second only to that of the snake in the Garden of Eden.
That curse, is, of course, Oslo. That name, that expression, will be remembered in annals of world history, for eternity, as one of the largest catastrophes of all time.
Yet you continue, as does a snake, seeking you’re your next, unsuspecting victim. Except that in this case, the victim of 2013 is the identical victim of 1993.
Oslo put the security of the lives of Israelis in the hands of our enemy. Oslo led to massive terror, to the Hebron Accords, dividing the first Jewish city in Israel, abandoning most of the city to Arafat, while also abandoning the security of its Jewish residents. Oslo led to the 2nd Intifada, the Oslo War, when tens of thousands were injured and over a thousand killed. Communities throughout Israel were shot at from Arab-populated cities. Gilo in Jerusalem was attacked from Beit Jala and Bethlehem. Hebron’s Jewish population was transformed into ducks in a pond, targets of Arab snipers from the hills surrounding us, hills abandoned to Arafat and PA terrorists in 1997. People were shot at in their apartments, in cars, walking on the street. Ten month old Shalhevet Pass was murdered by a sniper. The Levy couple was blown up by a suicide bomber. Rabbi Shlomo Ra’anan was stabbed to death in his bedroom. Rabbi Eli Horowitz and his wife Dina were shot to death in their Kiryat Arba home. And the list goes on and on and on.
These lives, and those of thousands of others, their blood, is on your hands. The name of your capital city will be stained with the blood of these victims until the end of time.
But that is not enough. Arriving in Israel, speaking about the release of terrorist murderers, you were quoted as saying, “That wasn’t an especially big sacrifice, but it was a first sign.”
Mr. Eide, seventy years ago Jews sacrificed between six to seven million Jews, while the world sat on the sidelines, watching, yet doing nothing. Over 23,000 soldiers and security forces have been sacrificed since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Over two thousand people have been ‘sacrifices of piece,’ since commencement of Oslo.
Releasing murderers of our people, that is a ‘small sacrifice’ so that they may return to kill more Jews?
Mr. Foreign Minister, Israel is very interested in peace, but not in piece, one piece taken from us, then another, then another. Only a couple of weeks ago, the Voice of Palestine radio broadcast, “"Greetings to all our listeners and happy holiday to you, our people in occupied Palestine [i.e. Israel], 1948 Palestine, the 1948 territories [i.e. Israel, created in 1948]... Greetings to our people in Acre, Nazareth, Tiberias, Haifa and Jaffa [all Israeli cities - ed.]... May your Palestinian identity be rooted in your hearts and minds. Allah willing, one day Palestine will be Palestine again!"
Arab children, taught in palestinian summer camps, are recorded speaking about returning to Jaffa, Haifa, and Beersheva, Acre and other Israeli cities.
Your ambassador to Israel was quoted as saying, “"We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel."
Of course, the Arab definition of occupation includes Tel Aviv and Haifa. And let’s not forget, their terror began many years prior to 1967. Some 1,000 Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists between 1948 to 1967, sacrifices for our existence as a people in our land.
I suggest that you worry about your own people. Your problems are just beginning:
“…Oslo will eventually become Oslostan. It’s not going to happen straightaway, but it that’s the way its going. More and more Muslims arrive here from abroad, and many Norwegians convert. Personally I know of five converts. Here it’s all about Islam; Islam is strong, so why fight it?” []
It should also be noted that the justice system fails native Norwegians by giving out lenient punishment and failing to invest resources against the epidemic of Muslim men raping Norwegian women. [].
You wrote in the Jerusalem Post, in May, 2011, “Norway’s response to the terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utoeya is more openness, democracy and tolerance.”
Let’s see just where your tolerance leads, and how long it lasts. Your country loses $713,000 on every Muslim immigrant arriving in Norway. []
Espen Barth Eide: we will not allow you to again take part in the continued attempts by our Arab neighbors to take our land from us – all of our land, including Jerusalem, Hebron, Tel Aviv or anywhere else. This is our home, this is our land. We will not leave. We demand that you mind your own business, take your impolite, unwanted, Tiph ‘observers’ back with you to your cursed Oslo, and leave Israel alone. For their goal is to destroy the State of Israel. Is this your goal too?
Go worry about your own and leave us alone.