Pseudo-Zionists: Migron and Price-Tag

The abnormalities of Israel''s current situation create domino aberrations, the likes of which, during any period of normal life, would never begin to be an issue.
I''m referring specifically to two concepts: the destruction of the homes in Migron, and the resulting ''price-tag'' episodes, at Arab Mosques and at the Beit-El IDF base.
I speak of these as concepts rather than as events; they are both a conceptual approach to problem-solving. But, there should be no mistake: one is the result of the other.
Migron is, without doubt, a catastrophe of the highest order. Why so – it''s only three homes? Migron comes directly on the heels of other major similar disasters, the most severe of which was Gush Katif. Hebron is also no stranger to black-uniformed forces, ominously reminiscent of eras past; stone-faced, then smirking, ''lawmen'' belonging to the police, the border police and the IDF, using brute force against girls and women, separating mothers from their children, all dressed in pajamas, in the middle of the night, their belongs being tossed from a window by Arabs hired to do some of the dirty work, and then, finally, use of IDF bulldozers to plow down small family residences. As one of the young mothers cried, "Today was the first day of school - I don''t even know where my children''s school books are." When someone asked them where they''d sleep that night, one of the woman answered, "I don''t know, I don''t have anywhere to sleep, maybe we''ll go to Tel-Aviv, to a tent, that''s social justice."
They were promised: it wouldn''t happen in the middle of the night; it wouldn''t be a surprise. Lies, all lies.
It''s not only what has happened, but how it happens, with a seeming appetite, a stark, sadistic pleasure at causing pain. Allowing Arabs to participate in such a feed-feast; one can only imagine their descriptive accounts to their family and friends. Permitting Arabs to assist in expelling Jews from their homes?!?!? Working for the police and the IDF? Disgusting is too pleasant a word to express the vulgarity of such behavior.
And this, before even discussing the anomaly of destruction and expulsion, destruction of Jewish homes and expulsion of Jewish, Israeli citizens, again.
It is only three homes, three families, coming on the heels of some 10,000 people, Jews, banished from Gush Katif. The big question is: what is next; who is next; where is next???
According to Itzik Wolf''s article today in (Hebrew) (, the IDF and the ''Civil Administration'' have already scheduled the next executions. By the end of the 2011 calendar years, three more sites are scheduled for capital punishment: Givat Asaf, next to Beit El, Ramat Gilad, in the Shomron, and several more buildings within Beit El. In March, 2012, the entire Migron community is to be put to death. Two other places are also on the chopping block, to be finished off within six months.
Who is the ''man with the black mask'' pushing the button? None other than our very own Bibi Netanyahu, being pushed and shoved by Ehud Barak, with the tacit support of his ministers, including all the ''good guys'' who supposedly are lovers of Eretz Yisrael. We didn''t see any of them a few nights ago, while the bulldozers were plowing down houses.
Of course, the real problem with all of this is ''what''s next?" A government as irresponsible as the present administration, with some experience under its belt, well, how much would it take to order the annihilation of Hebron''s Jewish community, or Kiryat Arba, or Beit Haggai, or any other Jewish community in Judea and Samaria? Could they do it? Yes. Would they do it? That''s a very good question, the answer to which I prefer not to put in writing.
So, that''s abnormality number one.
The second: the reaction to this horror, today called, in Hebrew ''Tag Mechir'' – meaning ''price tag,'' meaning, if you do this,
we are going to hit back. This too is an interesting concept.
I write the following in order to avoid being arrested and charged with incitement. As a rule, I don''t believe in ''violence'' as a means to a solution.'' I''m considered to be one of the more ''moderates'' here in Hebron.  But a month ago, watching videos of the expulsion from Gush Katif, I couldn''t help but wonder why massive force wasn''t used against expellers. It didn''t make any sense. And again, while watching a 10 minute clip (  of the Migron migraine, there too, the obvious response to such barbarity was avoided.
For years, the left, propelled by the media, has discussed civil war, going back to the days of Yamit, thru Gush Katif.  (Actually one can trace this history to the Altelena – see ''Brothers at War'' by Jerold S. Auerbach.) Would Jews – ''settlers'' take up arms against their brethren, as a result of forced expulsions and destruction?  Of course, it never happened. Because people, just like me, even though they see it, live it and boil and broil inside, just don''t do it. It''s not the way we operate.
But – that having been said, what do they expect from us? We all saw the violence breaking out in Tel Aviv when the police came (with flowers) to take down the tents on Rothchild Boulevard. TENTS were the cause of violence against Israeli police. And what about houses, full communities, etc. etc. etc. Our ''leaders'' expect us to sit back, or perhaps just lie down in the street, allowing them to bulldoze us over and be done with it?
Now, I''m not a great fan of wandering into Arab towns and burning down mosques, or painting graffiti on their walls. Not that they are are necessarily friends of mine; probably the contrary is more accurate. There''s also an issue of cause and effect; what do those Arabs have to do with the viciousness of police and soldiers against their own citizens?
However, this week, the ''price-tag'' policy took a wicked turn with the damaging of several jeeps, bulldozers and again, writing on the wall.
I saw an article ( (in Hebrew) saying that anyone who damages the IDF isn''t a Zionist. Another article called such ''vandal''s'' terrorists.
I served in the army. I have two sons who have served in combat units. I fully believe that the IDF is an integral element of Israel. Not only for our security, but also for our national pride and esteem. For two thousand years we had no way to protect ourselves, defend ourselves. Now we do. Period.
But, when those same security bodies are turned against their own people, using their training, not against mortal Arab enemies, but rather, turning the tables, transforming normative Israelis into the enemy, as we''ve seen happen time and time again, well, something is going to break. 
I''m not a big fan of destroying army equipment, but I''m even less of a fan of the scenes witnessed at Migron, and what very well might happen again, and again, and again.
To ask, or expect, people to sit back quietly, watch it, weep, and then go to sleep, is too much to ask for. The reactions to Migron are the minimum of the minimum. I agree, one hundred percent that they are not normal, and in any normal Israeli society, would never happen. And they shouldn''t happen. Such perpetrators should be, and would be punished.
But what is happening at present is not normal. The IDF is preparing for a possible small war that may begin next week, as a result of the expected follies at the UN. And they have time to destroy Jewish homes, causing moral and motivation to plummet amongst certain sectors of the population? Scenes of black-uniformed officers, without nametags, screaming at young women and children, is not normal.
The price-tag policies, as problematic as they are, should be seen as a strong warning, a red light flashing on-and-off, as notice being given. If the powers-that-be really want them to stop, let them set the example: stop destroying Jewish homes and communities, stop expelling Jews from their homes, stop being pseudo-Zionists. Because, not as Emily Arusi wrote (  that anyone who touches the IDF isn''t a Zionist, rather only a pseudo-Zionist can act as did the Netanyahu government at Migron.