Thank you, Moshe Feiglin


Exactly four years ago, a few days prior to the Likud primaries, I posted a blog called: The Time is Now! - Moshe Feiglin & Manhigut Yehudit, I wrote: 
"…It is quite clear: should Netanyahu be again elected Prime Minister with a parve Likud list, he will continue in the footsteps of one of his predecessors, namely one Bibi Netanyahu, who signed away 80% of Hebron to Arafat terrorists, and continued by agreeing to the infamous Wye Accords…Moshe Feiglin represents the paradigm Jewish leader: a man of faith and conviction, with a proven track record…this man, together with others, will be a true Kiddush HaShem, bringing to Israeli leadership what has long been so lacking:  a belief and understanding of the ‘holy triangle’ of Am Yisrael – the Jewish people, Eretz Yisrael – the Land of Israel, and Torah…and will be living proof that it is possible to utilize the existing framework of the State of Israel within the boundaries of Kedusha – holiness, thereby bringing about a major ‘tikkun’ – rectification of the current failings of leaderless leadership."
After years of struggle and hard work, it seems that Moshe will finally speak for Am Yisrael from within the walls of the Israeli parliament. But that is not why I believe we must express a debt of gratitude to Moshe. His presence as an Israeli lawmaker is important, but I, personally, don''t think this is his most important contribution to Israeli society.
Four years ago I used the words, ''should Netanyahu be elected with a parve Likud list…" – parve meaning, a weak group of centrists, sometimes leaning right, sometimes leaning left, who are more afraid of Obama, Abu Mazen and the EU than anything else, excepting perhaps their own shadows.
In yesterday''s Likud primary, a large, or better put, huge group of strong, idealistic, right-wing political activists with proven track-records were elected to represent Israel''s ruling party in the next Knesset. I can happily say that all of the twelve people I voted for are in the top twenty, all of whom have an extremely good chance to be in the Knesset.
Ah, you ask, why would I vote in the Likud primaries?! What''s with a Hebronite and the Likud?
The answer: Moshe Feiglin.
Moshe Feiglin is, I believe, directly responsible for the list elected yesterday. Almost all of those elected, with very few exceptions, are right-wing superstars, who fully back Hebron, and all other Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, who oppose any type of withdrawal from anywhere in Eretz Yisrael, and who will combat, with all their hearts and souls, creation of a so-called palestinian state.
The reason that these people were elected is because of Feiglin. He enlisted the electorate who voted overwhelmingly for them in the Likud primaries.
I won''t try to explain the all the conceptual ideas behind Feiglin''s ideology. He can do that much better than me. But simply put, his original initiative, challenging Netanyahu for the Likud premiership, while attracting a massive ideological political power base into the Likud, was a brilliant stroke of genius which began paying off four years ago, and has presently culminated with the current excellent Likud list.
The Psalmist writes: (34:15), "Depart from evil, and do good"  
These politicians can put the brakes on Bibi, preventing him from pulling left,  and doing ''evil,'' while at the same time, they will  ''do much good.'' Gideon Saar is sending Israeli school kids to Hebron. Yisrael Katz renovated and modernized miles and miles of roads in Judea and Samaria. Zeev Elkin co-chaired the Eretz Yisrael lobby in the Knesset, etc. etc. etc.  Many of them can attribute their victory to Moshe Feiglin''s army of people, who, like me, joined the Likud to ensure, not only Feiglin''s place in the Knesset, but also to guarantee a list such as was elected yesterday. And their triumph is our triumph.
The above-quoted verse in Psalm concludes: "seek peace, and pursue it." The peace sought and pursued by these words'' author, relates not to Camp David, Oslo, or any other future farce. Rather, to real peace, the fulfillment of a Divine promise which includes the right and obligation of the Jewish people to live in their land, all their land, Israel. Only then will the entire world reap the rewards of tranquility and serenity, for ever after.
We cannot live under an illusion that all will proceed exactly as we would desire, that we are ''home free.'' Not yet. But we''re on the way. Each step in the right direction is a sign from Above that we''ve done something right. And in this case, we must give thanks where thanks are deserved. That''s why we must thank Moshe Feiglin.