The Leperization of Bibi Netanyahu

The Leperization of Bibi Netanyahu

I've never been a big fan of Binyamin Netanyahu.

Well, that's not 100% true. I was a big fan. Back in 1996, before and immediately after his election as Prime Minister, the first time around.

Until January, 1997. That's when he did an about-face and stabbed us in the back, by abandoning Hebron to Arafat.

Since then he's never been really trustworthy.

But, and it's a big but, with all his instability and lack of reliability, he is certainly better, that too with a big B, than anything the opposition has to offer.

As a matter of fact, if asked who is preferable, I really don't have a good response. Not because there are those who, at least on the surface, seem to be suitable, rather because, factually, whenever that 'better person' reaches the heights of office, they tend to change, drastically.


The best, recent example is Rubi Rivlin, president of Israel.

We pushed him into the presidency expecting the opposite of Shimon Peres. Instead, we received a watered-down Peres, who, like a lizard, has totally changed his skin.

So, for the time being, we live with Netanyahu.

And as such, he is, and almost always has been, hated by the left, and their horn, the Israeli media. Ever since his election in 1996 they, with a capital T, have been out to get him.

And the left, not being entirely stupid, learned: if you can't beat him at that ballot, then win in the courts. Or most specifically, in the Supreme Court, the bastion of tyrannical leftistism.

Of course, the court is the last station. The trail begins with the police, the prosecutor's office, etc. etc.

But it seems that here too, it's not so easy to bury the Prime Minister. So, the next best is his wife. And if that doesn't succeed, go after his kids. And if that's not enough...

So, what then.

Anyone with even one eye in his head, and a quarter of a brain should be able to clearly see what's going on. The hashtag would say, 'IsolateBibi.'  Put him in solitary confinement. Don't let anyone close to him. Keep him by himself.

How? By hitting anyone who gets near him. His advisors, his ministers, his friends, his lawyers, his appointees, anyone who has ever had anything to do with him.

Hit them with investigations, arrests, headlines, indictments and of course heavy legal fees. A few nights in prison, court appearances, name smirching, together with their spouses and kids. It's not even a technical knockout. It's a 100% KO.

Slowly, but surely, he's left lying alone, stark naked, showered on by homemade meteors, raining down from radio, television, internet,  you name it, with all the big names, the chief of police, former IDF generals, prosecutors and former prosecutors, you name it, standing over his coffin, taking his pulse while he's still breathing, while saying, 'He's dead.  Close the casket and bury him quickly before he comes back to life.'

Who wants his kids or parents or friends to see his name  in shining lights, accused of bribery, corruption and whatever else they can dream up?

We read in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, 'Shem tov M'shemen tov' - A good name is better than precious oilBibi Netanyahu has been transformed into a twenty-first century leper. Anyone who breaths the same air that he breathes contracts the disease. As such, who would want to be found in the same room with him? Who would want to talk to him, eat with him, advise him? Only the foolhardy, who don't believe all they read, or all they hear, and are willing stick up, through thick and thin, without relenting to media-murder-blackmail.