A Palestinian State In Pursuit Of Happiness!.......

A Palestinian State In Pursuit Of Happiness!.......

Israel, has the only leadership and resources to deliver the Palestinians their state. And can easily do so. The US has made no attempt to bring the type of sustainability and infrastructure that it has bought to their own territories nor is it seeking the same freedom and liberties for the Palestinians that is enjoyed in their territories and in their own nation. The UK is not doing for a Palestinian state what it has done for its commonwealth of nations, like it did for India. Above all, done of the advocates for a Palestinian including the EU are capable of providing the Palestinians with the “Pursuit of Happiness” that people enjoy in a free democratic society. They are just not putting the interests of the Palestinians in their push for such a Palestinian state.

Israel can provide the PA with the leadership, guidance, and resources needed for a Palestinian state, allowing the Palestinians to govern themselves, control their own lives, with its resources and economy attached to Israel. Israel can prepare them to have their own legislative body, and citizenship, with representation in the Knesset to assure Israeli government support as a free democracy. Israel can guarantee, freedom, liberty, and protection. This cannot go on forever. Abbas has proven that his only intention is to replace Israel's government with his and rename Israel Palestine by way of incitement, violence and murder. How many more will have to die before Abbas and the PLO are replaced? It surly seemingly appears that the international community is reaching for that same goal. Because of that, Israel must at all cost omit all of them from participation with her in seeking a solution on this issue. They are not needed, Israel can well pull this off on it's own.

A Palestinian state is so easy to achieve, by simply placing the PA under Israels protection, installing a government with leadership that will bring their people a world of good. Abbas and the PLO have defaulted on the Oslo accords and on that alone must be removed from the PA.

A Palestinian state under the likes of Abbas and the PLO will never bring its people, the right to life, human rights, liberty, and freedom of speech and expression, let alone be a sustainable state. It can never exist without donations from other nations. And when that slows down or ends, terror begins. The leadership of the Palestinian people today possesses levels of abuse, hate, savagery and inhumanity. Only Israel has the resources to change this course, with laws, education, job training, global industry setting up shop, out reach, social work, enrichment programs, government, NGO and police support.

We must prevent the international community from advocating a Palestinian state under an Abbas and Hamas leadership. It is cruel, inhuman and abusive to the people it will govern. The present international ambitions for a Palestinian state will never bring peace, not for Israel, not for the Palestinians and not for the International Community.