And I Thought The World Was Bought With Oil!

And I though the world was bought with oil!


All these years, I thought the Arabs had us beat, because they held “Oil” hostage against the International community, for anti Israel support in the world arena. I guess that was not the case, because what are the Palestinians holding hostage for their International support to replace Israel with a Palestinian State? Is this just the next chapter, after the Sho'sh, pogroms, slaughter, Inquisitions, and their 2000 year war against the Jews for Europe? Do not allow them to tell you they are doing all this for a humanitarian cause, to improve the lives of the poor Palestinian people, in the name of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. If this was true, they would work, to bring us together, not apart, and they would work with Israel not against it in this effort to do the same.


It is time for us to start issuing EU and US travel warnings to the public for their safety. Our response must be that the Arab refugees coming into Europe these past couple of years, see they get the same benefits that the Europeans are providing for the Palestinians in Israel. Europe, must set aside land for independent Arab states in Europe. Should the EU wish to see a Palestinian State, they must also set aside land in their own nations for such a state. After all, the Arabs made conquests in Europe as much as they made conquest in Israel. The EU can surly understand, the Jews of Jerusalem, Judea, Sameria and Israel are an indigenous people to this land, with historic ties, they developed their culture, land, religion, kingdom, language, long before Islam, and Christianity. Whereas, Jerusalem, Judea and Sameria were Arab conquest, and are there illegally along with the EU, US, and UN by both historically and by International law. It will be a great project for Israel to see NGO's in Europe build housing, schools and industry as well as prepare them for “Statehood” for the Arabs and the Palestinians in Europe, separate from the Europeans. Two nations for two peoples.


If Israel started building houses in the middle of Hyde Park, the British government would immediately take them down. The EU is doing things in Israel that would never be acceptable in Europe. When buildings and roads are built by the PA with EU funding, it allows it the PA to rule over a large area in Israel and try to annex it. Israel will never give up on this territory and it certainly can’t allow foreign governments to break the law in this way. Area C of the West Bank is under Israeli military and civil rule. All construction projects, including roads and infrastructure for the Palestinian villages in that area, must be authorized by Israels Civil Administration.

The EU is illegally funding unauthorized Palestinian building in areas placed under Israeli control by international law. More than 400 EU funded Palestinian homes have been erected in Israeli controlled areas and under Israeli jurisdiction in accordance with the Oslo Accords and international law to which the EU is a signatory. The dubbed ‘EU Settlements’, can be found in 17 locations around the West Bank. Workers in EU uniforms threaten soldiers and bystanders with rocks. The EU's funding is to help the PA build infrastructure to enable them to reclaim it for Palestinian Statehood. The EU is not helping the Palestinians improve their lives, they are only supporting efforts to disengage the Palestinians from Israel politically, they are doing nothing to improve their standard of living. The EU funding are encouraging and actively aiding the illegal attempt to take over land. This has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with taking advantage of less privileged nomadic societies for political gain. Israel must direct all narrative to the international community to honor Israels borders as set forth under International law and relocate those Arabs that do not wish to live in the Jewish state, to be relocated. The1922 Partition was set into law to resolve this very issue. This agreement allows Arabs to relocate to Jordan or any other nation of their choice. We must reinforce this claim every time the EU and US calls on Israel for talks. Israel must be insistence and demand that this issue be put to rest and the 1922 Partition as well as other laws be uphold. It is these laws that makes Israel and her borders legal.


The UNRWA is designed to keep Palestinian refugees in limbo, rather than resettling them, as the UN has done for every other displaced population in history. So, there is no reason for the EU to object to start establishing UNRWA like camps throughout Europe now to accommodate the Syrian, as well as the Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian Authority is engaged in widespread corruption and wastefulness, and has made no serious effort to establish a Palestinian State. The EU’s unquestionable support of radical Palestinian NGOs and encourages Palestinian refusal to arrive at a reasonable and peaceful settlement with Israel.  While the EU has been pressuring successive Israeli governments regarding peace negotiations with the Palestinians, the EU has consistently funded NGOs that work to delegitimize Israel, through campaigns such as BDS.  An “industry of lies” manufactured by the Palestinians have been accepted by the EU’s media and academia, who have turned them into accepted “truths” and spread them widely among those in the European “street.”  BDS is simply a form of political warfare that exploits the language of human rights and international law to promote the destruction of Israel as the state of the Jewish people. The Europeans and the US, who view themselves as progressives, are supporting Hamas and the PA that violate the very spirit of progressiveness by their oppression of minorities, discrimination against non Muslims and non Arabs, persecution of homosexuals and lesbians, repression of females, denial of freedom of expression, consistent abuses of human rights and religious freedom in both Gaza and the West Bank. The PA and Hamas, with funding from European and American NGOs and governments, support an educational system that teaches its young to hate their Jewish neighbors, and teaches that, in time, the Jews will be eradicated from Palestine. The EU and the US has ignored incitement and intolerance towards Israel, Jews, Christians, Americans, and Europeans that is so widely common in the Hamas and PA educational system, media, and mosques. The Dutch government funds, Electronic Intifada, a strong opponent of the two state solution, and is advancing the idea of a one state solution, the one state solution is simply the destruction of the Jewish state and the creation of Palestine.


Should Israel start funding European and US separatists, given Europe's complicated history and cultural diversity, the existence of independence minded groups and regions is understandable. Some of these groups have transformed their desire for separation into successful political movements, others are operating at a far lower level. Some are more violent, even building their own tanks, as was the case in Northern Italy. In March, 89% of Venetians voted for independence in an online petition. Its goal is to pass a binding referendum. Earlier this year, more than two dozen people were arrested for attempting to violently split the region from Italy. The Scottish are now bidding for independence. In Spain, Catalans fly Catalonian flags and celebrate Catalonia National Day. This November, the Catalonian government plans to hold a referendum on independence, but Madrid has already announced that such a step would violate the Spanish constitution, sound familiar? The Faroe islands, belongs to Denmark and are self governed in many respects. Should we help them with their idea of separating themselves completely from Denmark, still very popular among its inhabitants of the islands. Corsica belongs to France since 1769, separatist failed on a referendum for autonomy. Should we be helping the terror group “Corsican National Liberation Front” which has been active for decades? Before WWI, South Tyrol, Italy belonged to Austria. 70% speak German and feel closer to the Austrian than the Italian culture. Voices calling for independence have always existed throughout South Tyrol’s history. The Basque region in Spain, and France, dream of independence. Shouldn't we be helping the terror group Eta in this task? People rally for Flemish independence. Belgium is divided between the Walloons and the Flemish, two communities that do not share a common language. The Flemish is richer and demands independence. Bavarian's, in Germany demand greater autonomy. Wales, Cornwall, and Northern Ireland, of the UK, Galicia, Aragon ,of Spain, Silesia of Poland, Frisia of Netherlands,and Germany, Sardinia of Italy, Brittany, Occitania, Alsace, Savoy of France, and Aaland of Finland all have NGO's seeking independence. And of course in the US, you always have Texas, that wants succession, Puerto Rico that wants independence, the southern states that want to keep their Confederate flag, Russia that wants Alaska back, and everybody else that wants California to leave the Union.

Independence movements have gained momentum within the EU in recent years. A crucial factor has been the economic crisis and the crisis of confidence that has gripped the continent. With Europe deep in an economic crisis, a refugee issue, uncontrollable violence and separatist demands have increased in popularity, why would they take the time, money and human capital to engage themselves with such a problematic position between Israel and the Palestinians, when they depend so much on Israel, and there is no solution for the Palestinians in site? How can they justify the billions going to the PA and Hamas?