Because Israel Is A Jewish State, It Is A Democracy!....

Because Israel Is A Jewish State, It Is A Democracy!.....


"Israel's minorities, including over one million citizens who are Arabs, always have full civil rights. Israel's government will never tolerate discrimination against women. Israel's Christian population will always be free to practice their faith. This is the only place in the Middle East where Christians are fully free to practice their faith. They don't have to fear, they don't have to flee. In a time where Christians are under siege in so many places, in so many lands in the Middle East, I'm proud that in Israel, Christians are free to practice their faith and that there is, a thriving Christian community in Israel."

-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Because Israel is Jewish state, It Is A “Democracy”. There are over 75 political parties in Israel. 10 sit in the Knesset, 5 in the government. There are non Jews represented in all the major parties. There are parties that sit in the Knesset, some of which do not want Israel to have anything to do with Judaism, or a Jewish state.

The western world, including the United States, accepts that the Bible and ancient Israel were sources of democracy. Democracy has two dimensions, self-government, the meaningful participation of individual citizens and pluralism, the right of every individual to develop for themselves a way of life. There is no legitimate authority in Jewish life, that any Jew can do whatever he or she wants to in matters. Judaism, has no Pope. There are over a 100 sectors of Judaism, with a wide range of briefs, customs and traditions. Judaism accepts a degree of pluralism for Jews within the framework of its Torah, its law. With regard to democracy and pluralism, the relationship between Judaism and democracy is a qualified positive. The Bible makes it clear that women and children are required to be present and counted at the great constitutional ceremonies establishing the process of civil government and its covenants. In Western civilization, the Bible is considered the foundation of democratic republicanism and has been so treated by democratic reformers throughout the history of the western world. American democracy, has a strong biblical base. Israels Ministry of Education have prepared courses for high school students, emphasizing the importance of the Jewish political tradition in helping students to become better citizens of Israel.

Israel does not have a constitution, its “Basic Law”, defines the country as a "Jewish State" founded to provide a national home, safe from persecution, for the Jewish people. It protects free practice of religious freedom. Israeli law explicitly grants equal civil rights to all citizens regardless of religion, ethnicity, or other heritage. It gives preferential treatment to Jewish individuals who fall within the criteria mandated by the “Law of Return”, who seek to immigrate to Israel. This empowers Israel to be a “Jewish State”, not a state in which Jews can live.

Over the years there were many states in which Jews can live, such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Afghanistan, just to name a few, they did not work out. In 1930, no Jew living in Germany had any idea, what their fellow countryman had intended for them. They had a good life. Today, hostility towards Jews are coming from nations, we would least expect it from. Jews, there need support. A Jewish State gives them such support. It assures them a safe haven free from persecution, violence and bloodshed, once they come to Israel to live. We all understand the benefits of a Jewish State as opposed to a state in which Jews can live. Israel is the only “Jewish State” in the world, being such a state, is in line with other “Christian Democratic Nations”.

Denmark, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution establishes that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is the peoples church. It grants all its citizens freedom of religion, entitled to worship in a manner consistent with their convictions, persons of any creed or descent will not be deprived of access to complete engagement of his civil, political rights, and in any common duty. Law requires the Danish monarch to be a member of the state church. The Church of Denmark receives government subsidies.

England, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its English, Law grants the Anglican Church the church of England. The King or Queen of England is its supreme Governor of the church. All religions have a fundamental right, with no change in the status in respect for other religions. The Church of England is represented in the UK Parliament with 26 bishops. The Church of England also has the right to draft legislative measures, related to religious administration.


Greece, is a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution makes Eastern Orthodox the nations religion, it members receive social and political privileges over others. The governments funds the church and pays church leaders their salaries. Other religions enjoy complete freedom to practice and own property. The Greek Constitution recognizes Eastern Orthodoxy as the "prevailing" faith of the country, while guaranteeing freedom of religious belief for all.


Iceland, a democracy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution declares the Evangelical Lutheran Church the state church. All persons have the right to form other religious practices and associations. Nobody may preach on which is prejudicial to good morals and public order. No one my lose any civil or national right on account of their religion. No one is obligated to pay dues to any religion they are not associated with as a member. The government pays the salaries of 140 ministers of the state church.


Norway, a democracy, unitary monarchy, has a cross on its flag, has its own language, its constitution states all inhabitants of the nation shall have the right to freely exercise their religion. The Evangelical Lutheran religion is the official religion of the state. The Church of Norway is the state church, its clergy are state employees, the central and regional church administrations are part of the state administration. The members of the Royal family are required to be members of the Lutheran church.


Argentina, is a federal constitutional democracy. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. It gives Roman Catholicism a differential status. The country is home to both the largest Muslim and Jewish communities in Latin America.


Tuvalu, is a parliamentary democracy, has their own language The Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu is the state church.


Tonga, functioning constitutional monarchy , Has a cross on its flag, the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the state church, has its own language, Motto is, "God and Tonga are my Inheritance" . Sunday in Tonga is celebrated as a strict Sabbath. No trade is allowed on Sunday, except essential services. Those that break the law risk a fine or imprisonment.


Costa Rica, unitary presidential constitutional republic, Roman Catholicism is the official state religion in according to the Constitution, it guarantees freedom of religion. and the Government generally respects this right in practice.

Georgia, democratic semi presidential republic, has a cross in its flag, has their own language. The Georgian Orthodox Church is the only officially recognized religious denomination in Georgia. Every citizen has the right of religion. Other minorities such as Catholics and Muslims have the freedom to exercise their religion, they can officially register their religious groups only as organizations, and not as churches.


Liechtenstein, is a constitutional monarchy principality, headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein. It has a crown on its flag with a cross. It has an elected parliament. It is also a direct democracy, where voters can propose and enact constitutional amendments and legislation independent of the legislature. The Roman Catholic Church is the state church.


Malta, a parliamentary republic, has a cross on its flag. Its Constitution provides freedom of religion, and establishes Roman Catholicism as the state religion. Religious teaching of the Roman Catholic apostolic faith is provided in all state schools as part of compulsory education.


Monaco, a constitutional principality with Prince Albert ll as head of state. Has its coat of arms with a cross on its flag. The Roman Catholic Church is the official religion. Freedom of other religions guaranteed by its constitution.


This being said, Israel is a “Jewish Nation” and a “Democracy”, like others that are Christian nations and are Democracies.


Only a strong Democracy will tolerate offense statements, anarchy and calls of incitement against it, like those for example, said by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. While condemning the terror carried out, this past Friday evening in Paris, he blamed Israel for the horrific attacks. He has continued to say “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah. With the help of Allah, every martyr will be in heaven, and every wounded will get his reward.” It is no secret, Abbas wants to replace Israel's government with his own, and rename Israel Palestine. The international community, take it for granted that Palestinians want to live under Abbas control. They do not. The want to stay under Israels care. Here, they can speak their mind freely without being dumped in prison, as well as having a chance to earn an honest day's pay.


Israel, plans to provide billions of shekels in funding to Arab municipalities over the next coming years, It will provide funding for housing, education, employment of Arab women, infrastructure, welfare services and public transport. Its goal is to strengthen the Arab sector in order to unite all the people of Israel under Israeli sovereignty. It calls for mass investment in education, transportation and infrastructure in the Arab sector. Literacy rates and years of schooling have dramatically increased, infant mortality rates have dropped by 78%, and employment is up as well, as a result of this program.

Palestinians who live in Israel appreciate Israel's economic success, social services, and many benefits. Salaries in Israel are about five times higher than in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip, and Israel's social security system has no parallel on the Palestinian side. Palestinians living outside of Israel want economically in. In the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, conviction for sodomy and brings a 3-10 year jail term, and gay men, tell of being tortured by the PA police. Some of them move to Israel where 300 gay Palestinians are living. Going to Israel is a one-way ticket. A medical researcher from Philadelphia, who visits his family in the Palestinian Authority said, The Israelis whom he meets with over the years have been diverse. Some have been insensitive to our needs, and some have not been. On the other hand, Abbas is more than simply "corrupt," he is exclusively interested in setting up a dictatorship in which Palestinian citizens will have no civil liberties whatsoever.


A recent poll by Israels Channel 10 and the Statnet research institute, which is headed by Israeli Arab statistician Yousef Makladeh, shows that the vast majority of Arabs living in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, would much rather live under Israeli administration than under the Palestinian Authority. Anyone living in Israel would not be surprised by these findings, as it is well known that Arabs, as well as Jews, enjoy a high standard of living in the only free country in the Middle East. Arabs are employed by and receive service at all government offices. They study at all universities, and serve as Judges, IDF Officers and Parliamentarians. Accusations of apartheid leveled against Israel are false and baseless. Israel is a Jewish State, “Democratic”, and the only place in the Middle East where Jew, Muslim and Christians can live free of fear.