Europe's Obsession, "It Must Contain Jews", Even If They Are Not In Europe.....

Europe's Obsession, “It Must Contain Jews”, Even If They Are Not In Europe.....


US Vice President Joe Biden presented Palestinian leader Abbas with yet another generous peace initiative, only to be turned down. The deal offered a settlement construction freeze and a Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem . Just what is it, the international community does not understand? Abbas, does not want peace with a Jewish State. The EU made similar gestures to Abbas. After 23 years, its time for Oslo, US and the EU to admit failure. It is just not going to happen, so stop blaming Israel, remove yourselves from these efforts and allow Israel to processed with its own agenda, improving the lives of the Palestinians, it is slow, but it is working.

Do world leaders hate Jews so much, that they are willing to keep 4.4 million Palestinians restrained under such cruel, brutal, and inhuman conditions of life under Abbas, PLO and Hamas rule? The current wave of murders in Israel, is due to the frustrations of failed promises made by world leaders to deliver a Palestinian State, failure to produce a durable peace and a system of care for the Palestinian refugees, leaving these people in despair, pain, poverty and hopelessness, purposely.

The international community is hoping the current murders and turmoil, peril, anxiety in Israel will weaken its position in an effort to bring Israel's government to meet international demands for a Palestinian State. Instead of providing a future of peace, stability, safety, security and prosperity, for Israel and the Palestinians, world leaders are seeking to control, restrain and limit the powers of the Jewish state. Abbas, will not have to negotiate and stop the murders as long as the generous financial aid, reportedly the highest per capita in the world keeps coming in.

There are MKs from the United Arab List that condemned the Gulf States' resolution to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization. We are also at fault, we provided our share to the incitement of these murders. We allowed the PLO, not only to enter Israel, but gave them entire communities to govern. We place signs at the entrance of these community's that Jews and Israels are at risk for their lives should they enter. We left Gaza to Hamas. We released terrorists from our prisons. We entertain the establishment of a Palestinian state, that wants to replace Israel, with that of a PLO government. We freeze housing construction. We accommodate the International Community, that wants to redefine our borders again and again. We help Palestinians to live and work illegally in our country. So, why should we be surprised by this current surge of murders and unrest when we did everything to encourage it?


Obama, and the EU are hoping the latest violence would force Israel into new concessions. When Obama, Biden and Kerry call for two states, Jews off the Temple Mount, return to the '67 lines, stop settlement building, divide Jerusalem, Jews cannot live in east Jerusalem, they understands quite well it vindicates terrorist attacks, rocket launching and murder, hoping Israel would surrender to a yet another partition plan. And, they well understand the plan will leave us with borders vulnerable to destruction. So, the knifing continues. Obama and the EU want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fail in his dealing with this wave of terrorism, hoping it will force him to surrender to the wishes of the UN General Assembly.


Palestinians deserve better than this. The US and EU position is not about improving the lives of the Palestinians. Gaza and west bank unemployment stands above 45%, and 80% the of its residents rely on foreign aid, with over 3 million living in poverty. Why is the US and EU not seeking a life for them, as they themselves enjoy? Why do they encourage them to live under such savage and brutal authority?

Obama's policy towards Israel is pretty much in line with past presidents. It was never an obstacle, a threat, or a deterrence for Israel. We did as we had to do, regardless of what was said. The US is experiencing now, school campus massacres, cop killings, military base shootings, random highway shootings, shopping mall killings, mass party gathering shootings and movie theater killings as never seen been before Obama took office. He has divided the US in every sector of life in the US. So, just what is it, any of us can believe Obama can do for us, to stop the violence here in our nation?


PA President Mahmoud Abbas does not condemn terrorist attacks against Israelis. Terrorists are on his payroll. They are honored. Erekat, calls for the release of Palestinian held by Israel, including Fatah’s Marwan Barghouti, Hamas’s Hassan Yusef, the PFLP’s Ahmed Sadat and female parliament member Khalida Jarrar. So, a “Peace” partner they are not.


The international community has failed the Palestinians, it has failed Israel. It failed to establish moral values for a Palestinian self government, efforts for a sustainable Palestinian state, it failed to establish the devices needed for statehood, where its people will enjoy the same quality of life that exists in the nations that are advocating a Palestinian state. It has no design for success, no regard for the protection and well being of its Palestinian or Israeli inhabitants. The international process has left a great human toll, many lives have been lost on both sides, including the murders of entire families.

The Jewish Agency has been increasingly focused on aiding the local Arab population. Today it employs Druze, and Arabs and has poured some $2.5 million into their respective communities in recent years. Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh announced the appointment of a new commander for the Northern District who will be focused on mass recruitment of Arab Muslim officers. The police has been deepening cooperation with the Arab population by establishing police stations in Arab towns, and conducting massive recruitment effort of officers from the Muslim sector. Israel has also been proposing increased economic cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, with a package that would see greater integration in the construction, medical, and high-tech sectors, as well as a range of study and internship opportunities for young Palestinians.

The peace process has left us with a life of harm, neglect, poverty and an entire generation of children that no nothing other than fright, terror, horror, panic, anxiety and trauma, leaving profound consequences on their child's maturity. Since, Oslo1993 the massive investments, donations, financial resources, political assistance, aid and personal prestige to the Palestinians have very little to show for it, in the way of success. The outlook for most Palestinians continues to be grim. Palestinians have proved themselves incapable of creating a system of effective self government and a sustainable economy. The most humane, honest and honorable thing to do is for the international community to admit to failure and allow Israel and the Palestinians to seek their own solution, without intervention. They understand the issues and the dialog needed better than anyone else. Both understand this cannot go on forever. Israel, is the only safe, economically strong and secure place for the Palestinians to live in a real democracy than anywhere in the Middle East. The Palestinian Authority can only work under Israels Jurisdictional, over site and attached to its economy.