How Many More Will Have To Die?.....

How Many More Will Have To Die?.....


The problem is too many people are saying too many different things, and there is not enough of any one thing being said, that could pass legislation, so we can put the Palestinian issue to rest. We can put this issue to rest, on our own and without anybody's help. This cannot go on forever. The time, money and human capital we are spending entertaining world leaders on this matter, can better be spent on real pressing matters concerning our lives and nation that is in deep neglect because of this issue.


There are those that truly would not mind if Israel was all but, Tel Aviv and there are those that are demanding Israel be established along the lines of the 1920 British Mandate, and there are many more thoughts in between. The international community is being held hostage on this issue, fighting us. We can release these hostages, because, they too wish to get on with their lives and put this issue to rest. So, for this reason we will have international support on this. The murders and attacks we have been experiencing on a daily basis has to stop. We are a “First World Nation”, we can take it upon ourselves to contain these murders. The US and the EU cannot help us with this, for they too have the exact same problems as we, they cannot resolve.


How many more will have to die before we remove Abbas and the PLO from the PA, along with all the other devices of incitement including the EU and Obama from engaging pressure on us and inciting these murders? It is not helpful when there are calls to remove settlements from Judea and Shomron and Jews from Jerusalem. These callers must be stopped and we must exclude these devices from any talks with us on these issues.


We do not have to worry about any international opposition. They all will still buy our arms, do their military exercisers with us and buy our technology. They have no problem buying Arab oil while witnessing Arab cruelty of its citizens. Not to be compared.


We must encourage global corporations to establish their presences in Judea, Shomron and Gaza, to provide jobs that will improve the lives of Arabs in these areas. We must build settlements for our Arab population in these areas and remove the UNWRA camps and all UN affiliates from all Israel. They are not just an obstacle to peace they are an incubator for murder.


We must make it clear that “Settlements” are a good thing. Our settlements develop healthy community life, jobs, education, health care, and stimulate the economy for the Arabs that work in these settlements. No Arab wants to live under Abbas, when they can live like the Arabs in Israel. Why is the US and the EU not engaged in promoting quality of life and human rights in the PA and Gaza? So, the issue for them is not about humanity and dignity for for Arab life, it's about weakening and destroying Israel.


We must remove Hamas and fly Abbas and the PLO back to Tunis. Oslo and the 2005 disengagement is not working. The International Committee of the Red Cross must leave as well, they are part of the problem and are not needed. We must demand that the international community accept the 1917 Balfour Document, 1920 San Ramos Agreement, 1922 Partition and the 1923 Anglo American Treaty, it is law. If the world cannot comply, honor, uphold and adhere to these agreements, than no treaty we are being asked to negotiate is worth signing. We must demand that the 1922 Partition settles the Jewish Arab dispute.


Hamas must be removed and the PA must be established in Gaza for its Arab residence. Jews were present in Gaza until 1929, when they were forced to leave the area by the British due to violent Arab riots against them. Following these riots, and the death of nearly 135 Jews, the British prohibited Jews from living in Gaza to quell tension and appease the Arabs. Jews returned in 1946, established Kibbutz Kfar Darom. In the 4th century Gaza was the primary Jewish port of Israel for international trade and commerce. The Jewish inhabitants made Gaza a great center of study. Towns and villages from Rafah to Yavne sprung up as centers of Talmudic learning. Many Jews fled to Gaza at the end of the 15th century escaping the Inquisition. During the 17th century, Gaza was home to a thriving Jewish community. Jews have been expelled from Gaza by many different conquerors but, have always managed to return. The Crusaders killed many Gazan Jews. Napoleon, marched through Gaza in 1799 his soldiers, were joined by local Arabs in fighting the Jewish residents. Jews returned to Gaza in the 19th century, many settlers engaged in the profitable barley trade which they purchased from the Bedouins and exported to the beer breweries of Europe. In 1885, tea farms were established in Gaza, by a large group of Jews and engage there in commerce. In 1908 Eliezer Ben Yehuda opened a Hebrew-speaking school with two teachers. A branch of the "Jewish" Anglo-Palestine Bank in Gaza was established in 1914. At the outbreak of World War I the Turks, fearing an attack by the British army which was stationed in Egypt, expelled all Jews from Gaza, but returned with the allied victory.

All those that are not citizens of Israel, do not wish to live with us in a Jewish state and are not here on a valid Visa, must leave. This is the acceptable practice of any nation, so no one would object to this. Abbas does not seek a peaceful solution to live with us. It is no secret, he wants to replace our government with his, and rename Israel, Palestine. We must enforce better laws against murder, hate, incitement and terror. We have to provide mandatory curriculum that teaches tolerance, prejudice and the harm of hate in the PA as well as in Israel. The PA is still in Israel, it is not sustainable and the international community is not going to fund it forever. It needs autonomy, where Arabs can run their own lives, attached to Israels economy, under Israels jurisdiction, safeguarding its people, civil liberties and freedom that their human and individual rights are protected and that they are living in a true democracy. Israel will provide security, defense, over site and resources so Palestinians can be able to work, live and enjoy life with us in real peace.


From 1920 British Mandate of Palestine onward the international community worked diligently to see that Jews do not have a homeland they can call their own, slowly decreasing its size so it can not sustain and defend itself. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a position created by the British Mandate authorities in 1921. During the war period 1938-45, he played a key role in violent opposition to Zionism and closely allied himself with the Nazi regime.

In 1922, the British were empowered by the League of Nations to fulfill the Mandate of Palestine drafted two years earlier at the San Remo Conference. The Mandate that they accepted, obliged them "to secure the cooperation of all willing Jews" and "to assist in the establishment of the Jewish National home". However, in the same year, the 1922 White Paper written by Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill declared that Palestine should not be "as Jewish as England is English". This was allegedly to prevent partitioning the land into two, one Arab and one Jewish. Although Churchill´s White Paper stated that the Mandate "is not susceptible of change" the British sliced 76% of the land, east of the Jordan River, and gave it to Emir Abdullah, from Hejaz, now Saudi Arabia, and named it Trans-Jordan. Great Britain was in violation of its Mandate, which stated "no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power." From this point on, Jewish immigration to newly partitioned Trans-Jordan was forbidden, and a blind eye was turned to Arab immigration to the west of the Jordan River, what is today Israel.

The Peel Commission in 1937, concluded the only logical solution to resolving the contradictory aspirations of the Jews and Arabs was to partition Palestine from the Jewish Palestine that has already been partitioned from Jordan into yet another separate Jewish and Arab states. The Arabs rejected the plan because it would have forced them to accept the creation of a Jewish state. The Peel Plan's boundaries would have been confined to little more than a ghetto of 3,107 out of the 10,309 square miles remaining in Palestine. In 1939, the British White paper called for the establishment of an Arab state in Palestine within 10 years, and for limiting Jewish immigration to no more than 75,000 over the following five years. Afterward, no one would be allowed in without the consent of the Arab population.

In 1947 the survivors of Hitlers “Final Solution” seek sanctuary. The UN Partition Plan for Palestine proposed the termination of the British Mandate, a resolution recommending once again the creation of an independent Arab and Jewish States from the already partitioned Jewish state of Palestine and a Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem. It provided for the progressive withdrawal of British armed forces and the delineation of boundaries between the two States and Jerusalem. The Jewish State was to receive 56%. The bulk of the proposed Jewish State's territory, however, consisted of the Negav Desert, which was not suitable for agriculture, nor for urban development at that time. The borders of the Jewish State were arranged with no consideration of security, hence, the new state's frontiers were virtually indefensible. Overall, the Jewish State was to be comprised of roughly 5,500 square miles and the population was to be 538,000 Jews and 397,000 Arabs. That is 5,500 square miles from the original 46,512 square miles set into law for a Jewish State at the 1920 San Remo conference. This 1947 UN partition plan is what the international community today insists is Israels legitimate borders.