If this is true, why are we talking about a Palestinian State?

If this is true, why are we talking about a Palestinian State?

It has been said, it is no secret, Arab Knesset members do not want to become citizens of a Palestinian state. So, why are we not working with them and their constituents along with every other Arab living in Israel including those in Judea, Samaria, Golan, and Gaza to become a part of us, giving them full autonomy? As we see Arabs leaving the region for European nations not Arab nations, Christians in Bethlehem under Abbas are almost extinct. Arabs in the PA are making efforts to live in Israel and to live in other nations. So, why participate in any talks about a Palestinian state when it is clear no Arab whats one? The only ones that want one are those that want to replace the Jewish state.

Talks between Israel and a future Palestinian state has left many Israeli Arabs worried about losing their status as citizens of Israel, and it is no secret that the Arabs living in the PA worry too, they want to be fitted for Israeli citizenship, somehow in an autonomous situation.

Israel has proposed transferring Israeli Arab communities to the Palestinian Authority as part of a land swap that would place Jewish settlements in the West Bank under Israeli sovereignty. Seriously, why would Israel have to even do that? Why can't Israeli Arabs stay as they are and the settlements stay under Israeli sovereignty?

The proposal means, that some 300,000 Israeli Arabs would be allowed to stay in their villages in the area along the border with the West Bank. However, these citizens would find themselves living under the jurisdiction of a Palestinian state. To do this, we have to take the responsibility to guarantee these Arabs, freedom, security, stability, safety and well being, they would have to live under Israels jurisdiction to assure their protection, and they would welcome just that. Israeli Arabs living under Palestinian Authority law as it sits now has been strongly rejected by Israeli Arabs leaders, who expressed outrage over the idea of life under Abbas and the PLO. The only acceptable solution is that all the Arab communities including those in the PA live as a fully  autonomous area protected by Israeli law and security to guarantee it will have the same rights and privileges as Israeli Arabs have. No Arab wants to live under Abbas, the PLO or Hamas, they only want what the Arabs in Israel have, it is our responsibility to see that they get it. We, Israel, alone can do this, it needs no outside help. We cannot look to the US, EU, UN or any other nation to help us resolve this issue. They have proven since 1920 they are of no help, and not fit to dictate policy to us. Arabs too want to see this issue put to rest. So, we do not have to look far for their support. No Israeli or PA Arab wants to live under Abbas, they are all struggling to leave the PA for a better life.

A recent University of Haifa poll showed that three quarters of Israeli Arabs believe Arab representatives should deal with daily issues and not the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It said that Israeli Arabs are interested in receiving the benefits that the state provides them, stability, democracy, services and so on.

Laws have to be made to keep Arab Knesset members from radicalizing Israeli Arabs and turning them against the state. Any Arab living under Israeli rule who openly identifies with Fatah, Hamas or Hezbollah is responsible for the crimes, violence and death that is a result of that support and is an enemy of all that live in Israel including the PA.

Why would any Arab now living under Israeli rule want to lose their privileges under an Arab regime such as that under Abbas and the PLO?

If the Arab Knesset members are so worried about becoming citizens of a Palestinian state, they should be working toward integration into and not separation from Israel. Arab parliamentarians need to listen more to what their constituents are telling them and not to the voices of Fatah and Hamas.