Israel's threat from within

Israel's threat from within

Taking into account that there is some energy from those that want to replace Israels government, with the likes of Abbas and the PLO, rename it Palestine and expel its entire Jewish population. For these advocates Judaism is a religion, not a nationality, it is Palestine to be ruled by Arabs, not Jews.

There are others screeching for a Bi National state, like what Lebanon use to be, no religious parties in government, no Chief Rabbinate, an equal number of Jews and Arabs in government, running it.

And there is a sector of our society that wants Israel not to be a Jewish State at all, but to be a state in which Jews can live. We had many of those, Poland was such a state, so was Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, France, Syria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Libya, Ukraine, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, just to name a few, they just did not work out.

The voices for “Two States” whom want somehow to detach themselves from its Palestinian population, is willing to give up as much land to the Palestinians as needed to achieve such a goal, even if it means that Israel is to be no more than that of Tel Aviv. The Palestinians can have it all. President Chaim Herzog, speaking before the UN General Assembly in New York, took out his handkerchief from his upper suit pocket, threw it on the floor, saying if Israel withdrew to a land the size of this handkerchief, it would still not be acceptable to the Arab nations or the world body. So, are we truly to believe “Two States” is the solution?

Israel is not going to be a Jewish Iran, or Saudi Arabia, ruled exclusively by Haredi Rabbis under strict Jewish Law. It is not going to expel all the Arabs. There is no money or compensation that will make them leave. Israel will have to live with them. Israel is not going to extend its borders to both sides of the Jordan River. It may be legal and possible, but Israel is not going to remove all those from Israel that are not its citizens and are not there on a valid visa. Recognizing all this, how does Israel get to advance past its status quo?

. The Status quo cannot go on forever. The Palestinian Authority is still in Israel. If the new Arab city of Rawabi, helps move Palestinians out of the UNRWA camps to improve their lives, Israel must see to it that it does just that. If Abbas can't do it, Israel has to find someone that will. Arab cities like this must continue to be developed to replace all the UNRWA camps. Rawabi is the largest Palestinian real estate project to date, situated on 1,600 acres, it is home to a 20,000 seat amphitheater, has created 6,000 jobs in construction, engineering and will create another 5,000 in the next 10 years in retail, health, technology and other sectors. Rawabi, will have over 6,000 apartments for 30,000 residents. It is being built with Israel's approval, but Abbas and the PLO refuses to allow "Palestinian refugees" from UNRWA camps to relocate to the city. This, despite past statements to the contrary, and the general impression that the need for a new Arab city was to relieve the suffering of the 'refugees', still living in the UNRWA camps. Cities such as Rawabi must continue to be built to replace all the UNRWA camps. They are not refugees living in these camps, they are political prisoners held captive by the UN. Your grandparents or parents may have come here as a refugee to live in Israel, but you being born here, are not a refugee. These camps are an incubator for murder, not peace. Israel must do all it can to shut the UNRWA camps down.

Young Palestinians are increasingly escaping the misery of Gaza for Europe and Israel preferring to risk what they call the “comfort” of Israeli jails to life under Hamas. There is little hope among the 1.8 million Palestinians living inside Gaza. Christians inside the Palestinian territories are leaving for Europe and the US whenever they can.

Building a barrier due to rising Islamism inside the Palestinian territories and bad governance on the part of the Palestinian Authority is not going to help keep the peace forever. The barrier will crack once Islamism and bad PA governance grows, and the barrier would no longer be able to contain itself, it will fall.

Bethlehem was mostly Christian until Oslo. Although they were not full citizens of Israel, Palestinian Christians and Muslims could travel freely inside the country, visit the beach, and shop in Jewish neighborhoods, that has all changed with the Accords all over the PA, when Israel agreed to let the PLO rule parts of the West Bank and Gaza under the Oslo Accords. This is a very high price these people paid for a peace that is not in place. Peace, does not mean loss of freedom and abuse. Israel must reverse this policy, giving their freedom back. The Oslo Accords were intended to lead to peace between the two peoples, regrettably, it led to the greatest outbreak of violence the two sides had ever seen. Much of that violence is due for the abuse and lack of freedom generated by its Palestinian rulers. West Bank and Gaza Palestinians deserve better then this, they deserve what the Arabs in Israel have.

Arabs from the PA and Gaza continue to seek employment in Israel for better pay and work conditions. There is no reason Israel cannot improve their home and living situation as well as it has its employment. This will encourage more Arabs in the PA and Gaza to seek employment in Israel. Within time there will be no one seeking jobs in Gaza and the PA, which will make Abbas, the PLO and Hamas economically impossible to maintain itself. Gaza and the PA will collapse and once these rulers are gone, there will be a real chance for a real “Peace”!