It's The Jews Fault, They Could Have Prevented WWII!....

It's The Jews Fault, They Could Have Prevented WWII!....

Throughout, Greece, Turkey, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the UK the refugee influx are blamed for a number of incidents of street and sexual violence, traffic chaos, harassment, and rape at refugee shelters and in nearby towns by asylum seekers.

The governments in Paris, London and Brussels have completely lost control, they are not able to maintain the rule of law and they are miserably failing to protect their citizens. Tear gas rained down on rioting migrants in Greece and France.

The tiny Greek island of Lesbos, has a population of 85,000, it has been overwhelmed with 25,000 Muslims. They arrive on inflatable boats, which they slash once they reach the shore.

This was expected, the people let it happen. Nazis did the same as the migrants are doing throughout Europe today. In the 1930's the people too expected it, and yet they let the Nazis let it happen.

German nationalism began to develop before World War II with the people looking for something to improve the economic situation caused by the depression.  In 1933, they began deliberately blaming the Jewish population for the economic disparity in Germany, because many Jewish citizens were still wealthy while everyone else was monetarily suffering, using economic inequalities to agitate relations between groups. This nationalism was built around the Jewish people. The government was telling the people that the Jewish citizens were threatening its national security. 

In the early twentieth century, it was popular belief that about 16% of large corporate officers in Germany were of Jewish background. The Jewish population was less than 1% in 1914. The Jewish economic elite had a better education compared to non Jews. Jews maintained central positions in corporations, educated in finance and banking. Believing this, why would the Germans want to exterminate the Jews in the 1930's, rather than keep them in such positions to improve Germany's economy?

By 1914 Germany had become Europe’s most powerful economic and military power, and was second only to the US in the world. The four terrible years of warfare bought Germany’s economy to ruins by 1918. Germany was no longer the second most economically advanced nation in the world.

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles ordered that Germany had to pay huge sums in reparations to the Allies. In 1921, as Germany could not pay, French and Belgian troops invaded and occupied the Ruhr to take goods and raw materials. Between 1924 to 1929 Germany became increasingly prosperous and peaceful. The US lent Germany huge sums of money. The economy was rebuilt, unemployment was reduced and people began to feel secure.

The collapse of the US economy after the Wall Street Crash in 1929 had terrible consequences all over Europe. Between 1929 and 1933 there was high unemployment and severe poverty in Germany.

The German Jewish community had contributed a great deal to German and European society, culturally, socially and economically. Many Jews were patriotic Germans, and had sacrificed their lives for their country in WWI. With disproportional numbers of wealthy Jewish business owners, Hitler convinced much of Germany that the Jews were to blame for the poor economic state.

In1938, the German government issues the Decree on the Elimination of the Jews from Economic Life. It bars Jews from operating retail stores, sales agencies, selling goods and services and trade.

From 1933 to1939, there were more than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of Jewish public and private lives. Thus, hundreds of individuals in all levels of government throughout the country were involved in the persecution of Jews as they supported anti Jewish legislation.

Jewish thinkers emphasize secular and worldly pursuits in place of the traditional Jewish lifestyle and religion. As a result, many Jews left the ghetto to pursue education, and befriended non Jews. The Jews of Germany were by now an overwhelmingly urban, professional class. Many of them took part in the German revolution of 1848. The “Basic Laws of the German People” advanced by the parliament reinforced that Jews were citizens in full, regardless of their religious leanings.

Jewish social life in the inter war period consisted of a struggle between Jewish nationalism and assimilation. Many Jews tried hard to assimilate, and to distinguish themselves from the Jews in Eastern Europe. In terms of scholarship, German Jews enjoyed a “Renaissance” in the early twentieth century. Many books were published, the Hebrew language was resurrected as a living language and Yiddish drama and newspapers flourished.

The culture of Europe is rooted in the arts, architecture, music, literature, scientific, political and philosophy that originated from the European common cultural and western heritage. This is the culture, innovation, joy, prosperity, quality of life Jews have bought to Europe and Germany before 1933 and that Europe benefits today.

It had and has today such contributors as, Albert Einstein, Albert Michelson, Albert Sabin, Anna Freud, Armand Hammer, Arnold Schoenberg, Arthur Miller, Baruch Blumberg, Benny Goodman, Betty Friedan, Bob Dylan, Boris Pasternak, David Sarnoff, Edward Bernays, Emile Berliner, Emile Durkheim, Emma Goldman, Franz Boas, Franz Kafka, Gertrude Stein, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Gregory Pincus, Groucho Marx, Gustav Mahler, Karl Marx, Henri Bergson, Henrietta Szold, Harry Houdini, Henry Kissinger, J Robert Oppenheimer, J von Liebig, Jerome Kern, Jerome Robbins, John Von Neumann, Jonas Salk, Julius Rosenwald, Leo Szilard, Leon Trotsky, Leonard Bernstein, Leopold Auer, Levi Strauss, Louis B Mayer, Man Ray, Marc Chagall, Marcel Proust, Martin Buber, Louis Brandeis, Mark Rothko, Niels Bohr, Oskar Minkoski, Paul Ehrlich, Paul von Wassermann, The Rothschild Family, Sandy Koufax, Sarah Bernhardt, Selman Abraham Waxman, Sigmund Freud, Stephen Sondheim, Steven Spielberg, T Walter Benjamin, Theodor Herzl, Wilhelm Steinitz, to name a few. They would have saved Germany, not the Nazis, and today save the EU, not its anti Semitic rant.

Europe swiped, anthropologists, developers of antibiotics, artists, athletes, bacteriologists, band leaders, the developer of birth control pills, developers of broadcasting, chess champs, inventors of chlorohydrate for convulsions, choreographers, clarinetists, comedians, composers, directors, feminist leaders, filmmakers, financiers, founders of vaccine for hepatitis, founders of hospitals, insulin developers, investors, those that put the entire world in jeans, journalists, labor leaders, magicians, motion picture pioneers, musical writers, musicians, national leaders, mathematicians, medical scientists, novelists, the creator of grand opera, petroleum chemical developers, philanthropists, philosophers, inventor of the phonographs, physicists, play writers, poets, discoverers of polio vaccine and medication, producers, psychiatrists, psychologists, public relation giants, screen writers, sociologists, stage personalities, creators of superman, supreme court jurists, test for syphilis inventors, antibiotics for tuberculosis, violinists, developers of vitamins, writers, all this would have saved Germany in the 1930's and Europe today. So, why did Europe in the 1930's exterminate Jews, and today the EU boycott Jewish Industry in Israel?