Jews Are Never Seen As Victims!

Jews are never seen as victims!

The latest victim of terror is Michal Froman is her 30's the preegnant daughter of Menachem Froman, the spritual rabbi and leader of her community, that dedicated his life to a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians. He met with religious, communal and political leaders to work for understanding and peace. Michal was stabbed and is in moderately to seriously condition this morning. Yesterday, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed Dafna Meir, 38, a mother of six, to death in front of her teenage daughter inside her home in the Otniel. The attacker is at large. That same day a Palestinian attacker was shot dead while trying to stab Israelis at Hativa Square outside Nablus. We been hearing stories like this everday for at least the past four month. We get no help, sympathy, compassion, assistance, relief, support from anywhere in the international community. Jews are just not victims of murder, cruelty, savagery, and slaughter.

The international response to all this is, that The EU Foreign Affairs Council, which consists of the foreign ministers of the EU's 28 member states is set to vote on a resolution that would limit EU-Israel agreements to inside the 1967 borders. The resolution is being promoted by Ireland, Sweden and France. This action, makes it clear that the EU supports terror. It will produce more deaths, distruction and we need our leaders to do what ever it will take to put this issue to rest, so we can all get on with our lives, and not live in fear. Former Prime Mininister David Ben Gurion, declared our Indwpendence against much of the displeasure of the International community. He fought a war, against armies that were trained and armed by world powers. It cost us the lives of over 6,000 of our love ones, he beat the odds, shocked the world, he did what had to be done. This is the kind of leadership and response we need today, our leaders can do it, they are the best.


As long as the EU, along with the rest of the International Community never sees Jews as victims, the Israel Palestinian issue will never be resolved, and anti semitism will always prevail. Obama, and world leaders have proven they cannot bring us any relief and resolve the Israel Palestinian issue. And now we have Trump saying, “if the Israelis aren’t willing to sacrifice certain things, then there won’t be any peace between Israel and the Palestinians”. Jews are just not accepted as victims in any conflict. We have the leadership that can stop the slaughter, we just got to get them to do so. We are on our own, as always. It will be worth any distaste the international community will have for us, to remove the obstacles to prevent terror. .


New EU resolution could bring about increased sanctions against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. The labeling is only the first step leading to a total boycott of Israel. Why is the EU not doing the same on the Palestinian side as Mahmoud Abbas declared that his government was no longer bound by any agreements with Israel, including the Oslo accords and other treaties related to a possible two-state solution in the conflict? Israeli leaders has repeatedly asserted that they are willing to begin a new round of negotiations with Abbas with no precondition. It is Abbas, not Israel that wants peace, so why boycott the settlements? The EU Boycott, will give Abbas more reason not to participate in talks, as he sees it in his favor to hurt Israels economy and pressure to get what he wants without making any concessions. If the EU was serious about putting this issue to rest, it would support a Palestinian leadership, that would bring their people a world of good, share the same values, live, work and enjoy life with Israel in a real peace. Jews are the victims of both of European hatred, murder and exclusion and Palestinian terror, incitement to violence and hate.


Why is Obama encouraging Israelis to show greater empathy toward the Palestinian people? Why is France working on a resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to the Palestinians, that would declare a divided Jerusalem and a Palestinian state? How does this bring Peace, and why does Israel have to make concessions and not the EU or the Palestinians? Israel is the victim of hate, both from Europe as well as Abbas, not the other way around. The French are the guys that took some 13,152 Jews from their homes in Paris by police forces in July 1942 and made additional sweeps that collectively sent around 76,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps. In Sarcelles, France this past year a pro-Palestinian protest was held which spun into a riot. Cars were burning. Young men were throwing rocks as the police fired tear gas. A Jewish-owned pharmacy was set on fire. Why are we not seen as the victim? Why do we have to pay the EU ransom to the Palestinians?

The persecution, segregation and murder of European Jewry, perpetrated during the turbulent years of WWII, was shunted to the sidelines of international attention and even concealed. Rumors and initial reports of mass murders in the USSR, were met with apathy and disbelief. By the summer of 1942, there were already reports of the extermination process. From June 1942 and onward, the flow of information regarding the mass murders intensified. The Jewish Agency repeatedly released statements about the mass murders. In 1942, the Polish underground managed to convey information to the west about what was happening in the extermination  camps in Poland, at that time the vast majority of Polish Jews were no longer among the living. Despite Allied knowledge, no military action was taken to stop the murders. The Jews were not seen as victims.

News of the mass deportation of Hungarian Jewry to Auschwitz and their murder there in 1944 did not substantially change the Allies' policies in this regard either. The systematic persecution of German Jewry began with Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. Facing economic, social, and political oppression, thousands of German Jews wanted to flee the Third Reich but found few countries willing to accept them. Responding to the difficult situation of German Jewry, Roosevelt called for the Evian Conference on the refugee crisis in 1938. Although 32 nations attended, no country was willing to accept a large number of Jewish refugees. In August 1942, the World Jewish Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, learned what was going on from a German source, they asked American diplomats in Switzerland to inform the State Department, characteristically insensitive and influenced by anti semitism, they declined to respond. The New York Times reported this news on its tenth page. Throughout the rest of the war, the Times and most other newspapers failed to give prominent and extensive coverage to the Holocaust. At the Bermuda Conference in April 1943, British and American delegates discussed what to do with any Jews they successfully rescued. Britain refused to consider admitting more Jews into Palestine, and the US was equally determined not to alter its immigration quotas. They produced no practical plan to aid European Jewry. .American Jewish groups placed newspaper advertisements to force Roosevelt to create an agency to devise ways to rescue European Jewry and publicize the Holocaust. So, why would any of us believe that the times have changed?

American Jewish groups told David Ben-Gurion that they were urging American Jews “to march shoulder to shoulder with England in the war against fascism,” and they would not deviate from this position even if the Zionist cause suffered. In 1939 when the SS St Louis and the Orduna sailed from Europe with over 900 refugees Cuba, the US and Canada all refused entry even though they knew of German persecution. At the end of the war, Jews who wanted to go home to Eastern Europe found that their homes and businesses had been taken over by others, and many who returned found only danger and destitution. Camp survivors were murdered. Nearly 80 ships were intercepted between 1945 and 1948 to Palestine with little or no resistance but at times it was violent with injuries, sometimes fatal.

Today, from Paris, Brussels to the heartland of Germany, Europe’s old demon returned. “Death to the Jews!” shouted protesters at pro-Palestinian rallies in Belgium and France. “Gas the Jews” yelled marchers at a similar protest in Germany. The ugly threats were surpassed by uglier violence. Four people were killed at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, a Jewish owned pharmacy in a Paris suburb was destroyed, a synagogue in Wuppertal, Germany, was attacked with firebombs, and the list goes on. The scattered attacks have raised alarm about how Europe is changing and whether it remains a safe place for Jews. Others, describe “no go” zones in Muslim districts of many European cities where Jews dare not travel. Now, the question is whether a subtle societal shift is occurring that has made anti-Jewish remarks or behavior more acceptable. The fear is that now things are blatantly being said openly, and no one is batting an eyelid. One would think, Europe would not want to repeat what happened there in the Second World War. Now 70 years later, people standing near the European Parliament are shouting, ‘Death to Jews!'. In Brussels, The Jewish community of about 20,000 people, most of them assimilated, have gathered to dedicate a plaque at a Holocaust memorial, youths hurled stones and bottles until the police arrived. Three days later, a fire erupted on an upper floor of a synagogue in the city’s Anderlecht district. A Turkish shop owner in Liège, posted a sign saying he would serve dogs but not Jews. A voice on the intercom of a commuter train announced a stop as “Auschwitz” and ordered all Jews to get off. In Italy, there is a flurry of anti-Jewish graffiti, calling for boycotts, including Nazi swastikas, on buildings in various cities. In Sweden, police said, in which a man with an Israeli flag in his window was beaten with iron pipes was not a hate crime, the victim was not Jewish and that the flag might have been unrelated to the attack.

The Russian government to prevent the Jewish penetration into populations Russian territories, established the “Pale of Settlement” along its western frontier. In 1860, more than half of world Jewry resided in the Pale. Here, Russian officials saw Jewish communities, with 3 significant problems. The first, Jewish difference in dress, language, religious and communal organization. Non-Jewish society, saw this as ethnic chauvinism. The second problem was Jewish economic practices. The third, was the issue of Jewish loyalty. The pogroms, bought shock, anger and a desire for revenge brought this irrational, rootless hatred to the surface. The pogroms were genocidal, and that they had been organized and perpetrated by groups seeking the extermination of the Jews. The pogroms was on a great scale and inhuman in their brutality. Jews were burned alive in their homes while the authorities looked on.” with the murder of children, the mutilation of women, and rapes were common. Its been 156 years, nothing has changed. The EU carries on the task, the Russians started. The Jews are not seen as the victims!