Just what is it the “Progressives” really Want?

Just what is it the “Progressives” really Want?

Just what is this really about? Why do they have to condemn Zionism, why can't they just walk away from it? Why the fight? Why can't they just say they are not a Zionist, or they are anti Zionist, go away and and leave it at that? There are more pressing issues in the world today, the world is burning, they can contend and fight with, but why are they not nearly as aggressively opposed to those issues as they are to Israel? So why fight Israel, and not the nations that truly deserve a fight? Why are they not using their energies to stop beheading Christians, Islamic fanatics, protecting women and gay rights in neighboring nations? These groups compare Israel's cruelty to the Nazi's, boycott Israeli products and support the Iran nuclear deal. Do they really see these as a just cause or is it their device they need to use to reach their goal? Is Israel an occupying power, where in history and international law can they support such a statement? They believe Israel is a bad idea and the worlds ills will depart once Jews no longer have a nation they can call their own. These pundits hold titles such as doctors, scholars, experts, academics, authorities, writers, to legitimize their stand. Why do they not demand the same of the Palestinian leadership that they demand of Israel? In fact Israel's Arab MK's are worried that a peace deal would leave them inside the PA and not in Israel. Do these “Progressives” truly believe Palestinians want their own state, and not want what the Arabs in Israel have? The Palestinians understand well what is going on in their neighboring Arab states, as well as life under Abbas and Hamas. Palestinians have been moving out of the PA over the years, and there is only a very small population of Christians left in Bethlehem.

These Jews claim they can't live with themselves, knowing Israel carries out such practices, so they must give notice to the world. Yet, none of these guys have budged to improve the lives of those they claim are living in such abusive environments. They do not encouraged global industry to set up shop in the PA so their economy can sustain a State of their own. They made no effort to bring Jew and Arab together, provide social, health and human services. They fund Abbas and the PLO to keep them bad mouthing Israel's leadership for every reason not to make peace with them. Why? What is their end game?

They are not stupid, they well understand that the Arabs in Israel enjoy the highest standard of living, highest per capita income and freedom then anywhere else in the Middle East. So, where is their argument? What is this really about? How has it become certainly fashionable to equating Zionism with Nazism, and racism? True most Jews in the US do not make Israel part of their day, but they are not hostile towards it, and speak favorable about it. Attacking Israel unjustifiably is not okay. This is pure hatred and antisemitism in its purest form.

Israel is one hell of a success story even to the Arab world! It is just going to take a little bit more time until the Palestinians have a leadership that will truly bring their people a world of good, work, live and enjoy life with the Jews of Israel in a real and everlasting “Peace”. Israel and the Palestinians are going to get there.

So, what is the Progressives really set out to accomplish? Who listens to them? What damage has it done? After all Israel has beat all the odds against it. BDS has failed. There is no longer an Arab Boycott against Israel. Israel is a wealthy “First World Nation”, a member of OECD and CERN, growing and noted as being one of the worlds most happy nations to live in. Its borders, capital and sovereignty are legit under international law. There is no international law that say it is not.

Journalists who cover the region live and report out of Israel, where freedom of the press allows them to criticize any one nation without fear of reprisal, imprisonment or death

Those that condemn Israel’s growth of its Haredi and right-wing sectors, have only themselves to blame for it. They do not offer a worthy, merited significant alternative. Reform and Conservative Judaism are diminishing in membership. It is their own leadership, policies, platform and practices that contribute to this, not Israel, not the Orthodox, not the right. There’s no question that liberal American Jews are increasingly uncomfortable with Israel. Children only know what you teach them, you teach hate, they will hate. They have to accept their own wrongs and misjudgments, it has nothing to do with Israel or the Orthodox. It has been often said, that there is a growing gap between Reform and Conservative leaders and the people for whom they claim to speak.

Much of the problem and frustration American Jews have are engaged in political narrative on both sides of the aisles is, the myth that Israel can submit to US demands under pressure. This was true a decade ago, it is not true today. Israels Prime Minister on the onset of Obama's term as president made it clear, that Israel is a strong nation, and cannot be threatened by the US or anybody else. Whatever the US cannot do for Israel, there are other nations that will. US Israel relations is a partnership, they need each other. They each help and trade to each other. President Barack Obama's policy towards Israel has been no different than that of previous Presidential administrations, there are good days, there are bad days. It only seems more hostile at times now, because Israel is no longer dependent on the US as it was in the past, so it can easily sustain pressure. There has been no erosion of American Jewish support for Israel over the past 8 years. Social media gives that impression. It is the Progressives choice weapon against the Jewish state. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in American financial investments in Israel and Israeli investments in the US.

The Reform Judaism website reads, We believe that the Jewish people have the right to a national home of their own. We value and share the democratic principles on which Israel was founded and that have guided the country for six decades. We acknowledge the real threats to its democracy. We understand that Israel has real enemies, and we defend its right to live in security and peace, within internationally recognized boundaries. This is not the same as saying it recognizes Israels borders under international law. It is their policy of being included in popular opinion, rather than honoring international law. It continues to say, We believe in and support Israel’s right to defend itself against its enemies. The Palestinians too must have a national home of their own, living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security. But, it does not say such a Palestinian state could be established outside Israels borders. It continues to say It serves Israel’s and America’s interests, and it is right and just.

Reform Judaism has asserted that a Judaism frozen in time cannot coexist effectively with those who live in modern times. Judaism must change and adapt to the needs of the day to survive. No one has a problem with that if they are speaking for themselves, but they are not they are speaking for the Haredi as well. Intermarriage is their choice. Christmas trees and menorahs in the living room is their choice. A total departure from normative Halakhic Judaism is their choice. Wanting all other sectors of Judaism to follow, is just not going to happen.

Reform insists Israel must choose among being a Jewish homeland, remaining democratic and maintaining control over Judea and Samaria. England, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are Christian states, democratic and rule minorities equally. With such proclamations, Reform Judaism is no longer a religion, it is a political movement for change in Israel, speaking on behalf for US foreign policy. They object to those that differ. This being said with less about religious observance and practice its opponents have a right to suspicious.

Progressives blame Israel and traditional Jews for their decline. Their website states, These dynamics explain why our community’s younger generation is distancing itself not simply from Israel but from traditional institutions in the community. We’re bringing more pro Israel, pro peace activists into the community. But, their stand is not sync and holds another definition to the rest of the pro Israel, pro Peace community.

As for Women of the Wall, their mission is to attain social and legal recognition of their right, as women, to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah, collectively aloud, at the “Kotel”, work to further social advocacy, education and empowerment. But, they do not do this for themselves, they want to do this for every sector of Judaism including the Orthodox, they want total control over the entire “Kotel” including the observant. They are disruptive and destructive in nature.

It is therefore not only incorrect to refer to these groups as partners in bringing Jews closer to Judaism, but it is dangerous, as such a statement empowers and validates groups which threaten the very integrity and future of authentic Judaism and Israel in every manner.

Wendy Sherman, who is Jewish and the former under secretary of state for political affairs for the State Department, said that sanctions did not stop Iran's nuclear program. The Iran Nuclear deal is not about building trust, but rather about monitoring Iran’s nuclear program. She says the Iran deal is the best alternative to military action that was on the table. She hopes that the Iran deal will mean that young people won’t have to go to war to stop Iran from doing terrible things. This is just a small example that demonstrates just how far Progressives and the left are willing to go to put the entire world at risk! The question remains what is their true intentions?