Oslo,is only between Israel and the PLO, that does not mean Israel cannot talk to others for a better deal!

Oslo, is only between Israel and the PLO, that does not mean Israel cannot talk to others for a better deal!

Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar who lives in Jordan, said on his personal Facebook page that there is no such thing as “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah, has assigned the Holy Land to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment, Koran, Sura 5 “The Sura of the Table”, Verse 21, and “We made the Children of Israel the inheritors of the land”, Koran, Sura 26 “The Sura of the Poets”, Verse 59. He adds, the Jews are peaceful people who love peace, who are not hostile, but when attacked, they defend themselves while causing as little damage to their attackers as possible. It is an honor for them that Allah has chosen them over the worlds, until the Day of Judgment.

Clans and clan leaders have considerable local power, but for now, cannot attain national power. There is no Palestinian clan that has the power and reputation that can dominate and impact national Palestinian politics. It could change, when elections are structured, clans can become centrally important in electing representatives. Clans of notable social class can dominate Palestinian politics by using their often own manner and judgment.

The Arab Spring has brought a great loss of stability to the region. In the wake of the “Iranian Nuclear Deal”, and the world powers failure to stop death and destruction of hundreds of thousands of people in the region, Israel can no longer afford to allow the rest of the world dictate its policy. The international community demands on Israel would make Israel difficult to survive. Witnessing the turmoil of its region, world leaders are in no position to guarantee peace, security and safety for Israel's inhabitants.

Hamas remains opposed to any agreement which establishes a state of Israel. Abbas and the PLO remain opposed to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, want to replace Israel's government with theirs and rename Israel Palestine. The International Community wants a Palestinian state that will require the removal of Jewish families where no Arab population exists.

Palestinian tribal and clan leaders maybe just the option to replace Abbas, the PLO and Hamas, that will give both peoples a true and everlasting peace.

Abbas, the PLO, and Hamas do not represent the real ambitions of the peaceful Arabs that just want a better future for themselves and their children.

So, allow each tribe and clan to govern its own traditional territory within Gaza, Judea and Samaria and form a cooperation alliance to assist each other with its daily tasks, giving them full autonomy that replaces Abbas, PLO, and Hamas, under Israel's Jurisdiction to safeguard its peoples safety, security and well being, tied to Israel's economy and infrastructure. Israel can give their leaders the same protection they give their own leaders.

The clan structure in Gaza as well as in the West Bank consists of at least several extended families claiming a shared ancestry. Refugee camps have been known to recreate clan identity and ties based on the village of origin. Clans have served several historical functions that have contributed to their survival. Clans are a source of individual and family security. Outsiders will think twice before attacking a member of a clan, knowing that revenge will be taken. This is the reason Palestinian clans have flourished both under Israel and the PA. Clans make legal recognition of private property. Clans have historically share cultivation lands and financial well being in desperate economic times. Numerous clans have, established foundations to jointly manage finances and investments. In Gaza, such clan based management and distribution of wealth has been essential to the survival of individual households where employment is scarce and savings often nonexistent. Members of the clan living in the Diaspora contribute to these funds. Clans provide an important source for spouses in a society, a trusted network for all social occasions. They pledge not only their loyalty to each other, but agree that an attack on one member constitutes an attack on all members. Individual members cannot easily violate this code without dishonoring themselves and their families.

We have done everything we could to make Oslo work. We allowed the PLO, not only to enter Israel, but gave them entire communities to govern, we place signs to the entrance of these community's that Jews and Israel's are at risk for their lives should they enter, we left Gaza to Hamas, we released terrorists from our prisons, we entertain the establishment of a Palestinian state, we froze housing construction, and we accommodate the International Community that wants to redefine our borders again and again. Because of this, in part we failed to protect both Jew and Arab from violent acts and murder. It is time to rethink what we are doing.

On “Peace” negotiations, our leaders talking points are well said and are most logical, unfortunately they are untenable. This is an issue that all of our antagonists we are reaching out to, maintain a fallacious platform. It is difficult to draw parallels with their arguments. They do not honor agreements, abide by international law, and cite laws that do not exist. We have made concessions to demands hoping to achieve a durable and everlasting peace, but it just did not happen.

Peace will only be obtainable from our playbook, not theirs.

German born Stefan Borgas, president and CEO of Israel Chemicals said, “No one of my generation believed that Germany could be reunified”. He said peace with the Palestinians will stabilize the region. Why was it so important that Berlin had to be unified, but Jerusalem must be divided?

Shurat Ha'din, the Israel Law Center has taken steps to shut down incitement by the Palestinian Authority being broadcast via Israeli airwaves. The broadcasts call explicitly to kill Israelis. It has initiated a worldwide campaign to prosecute the heads of Palestinian Television for incitement. Shurat Ha'din pointed out that top television and radio officials in Rwanda were sentenced to decades of prison time for war crimes for incitement to murder during the country’s mid 1990's civil war. Shurat Ha'din noted that the 16 year old Palestinian, who murdered the mother of six, Dafna Meir at her home in Otniel on January 17, said that Palestinian television motivated him to carry out the attack.

Prime Minister Netanyahu recently called on French President Hollande to have French broadcasts of the Al-Aksa channel, belonging to Hamas taken off the air for incitement .

Oslo is not working. Only we are the “Masters of our Destiny”, Israel must enforce and apply its own solution for “Peace” with the Palestinians. The status quo cannot go on forever.