Back to the 40s at the Clifton’s 4th of July

 Clifton’s, a four story venue, with at least one bar on each floor, is known for its cafeteria. Today it is a dining, entertainment and social gathering center in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California.

Clifton’s, California’s lone survivor from the Golden Age of Cafeterias, once again redefines the dining experience while celebrating California’s diverse natural and cultural legacy within its legendary forest themed environment.

Clifton’s, the culmination of five generations of dining innovation, started a new tradition last year, celebrating the 4th of July with the 20s, 30s and the 40s theme of Hollywood and entertainment characters, such as Bette Davis, Betty Page, Ginger Rogers, The Andrews Sisters, Clark Gable and others, performing song and dance.

Putting on a special event for the 4th of July, 2017 many people in the audience dressed up in 1940s style. The ambiance is electric and amazing. The venue is part of the Los Angeles’ living history, in this most elegant and astonishing space. On entering, one is immediately reminded of the parlors and museums of a previous century, with spectacular artifacts and decor.

Join to take part in the land of adventure and dreams – the spirit of California.


Clifton’s is located at 648 S. Broadway Los Angeles CA 90014 | phone 213 627 1673.

Here is today’s story in pix.

Clifton's USO Show Tribute
 Entrance to Clifton's
 Sign at the entrance to Clifton's
 Clifton's tree theme
 Audience at the Clifton's 
USO Show Tribute
Betty Page character with off duty service member
 Clark Gable character
 Carmen Miranda character
 The Andrews Sisters characters
 Bette Davis Character
 The red head character
 Used to be the tobacco lady, now the sweet tooth lady
 She and he from the 40s

Happy 4th of July America.