Bar-Mitzvah Year for LAJFF

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (LAJFF) is 13-year-old, in the Jewish tradition, the film festival is celebrating its Bar-Mitzvah age.

On April 25, 2018, at the historic landmark, 80-year-old Ahrya Fine Arts theater, in Beverly Hills, California, to a full house, the annual Film Festival opened its doors with the extraordinary documentary, “Sammy Davis Jr: I’ve Gotta Be Me,” a life story of the greater than life entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.

 Q&A Panel-R-George Schlatter TV producer and director, Manny Davis son of Sammy Davis Jr and wife Altovise Davis, Stan Taffel, television actor and host

Each year, a team of film pundits get together to carefully select films’ content from submissions around the world and bring to the Los Angeles community and beyond compelling stories that connect people in many ways. Regardless of the name, the festival has become inspirational to all people, not only to Jews.

With a proclamation from the City of Beverly Hills and the City of Los Angeles and the attendance of a line of entertainment celebrities and mavens in the film industry, the festival has opened its doors from April 25-to-May 2, 2018.

The LAJFF has made a name for itself across North America and around the world for its selection of the latest and best films with a Jewish theme that deliver messages, educate and argue the subject matter. It will not be an overstatement to say that this film festival helps to open the doors to the next generation of cinematic virtuosos.

Go catch one of the films’ debut or a rerun of a classic film that may have not been screened in decades but has not been forgotten, with the hope that we all continue being inspired.