Fifteen Years After 9/11 – Where we are Today

In the aftershock of the 9/11, 2001 attack on America, on September 20th, 2001 at that time President George Bush delivered the most inspiring speech, the diamond speech of his entire career. Hearing this speech mine and many other Americans’ anger and grief gave way to some hope.

The speech installed confidence in our determination to defeat global Islamic jihad. I became certain that all victim nations would unite in a common front, setting politics and grudges aside. As one united international body we will cut the jihadist snake’s head and bring it to a fast end. I had this hope that all “root cause” clichés would be dismissed. More so, I hoped and with that leaned to be virtually certain that Israel, a country that is located in the belly of the Islamic Jihadist beast would gain global understanding when it had to response to its brutal attacks.


Sadly and unfortunately, only six months after his notable speech of September 20th, in April 2002, President Bush invited the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – the locus of seventeen, out of nineteen, of the 9/11 terrorists - to a down home barbecue at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and the fancy robed tyrant put forth HIS “initiative” for Middle East peace.” Immediately thereafter, President Bush gushed to the assemble press and told them: ”Good afternoon. I was honored to welcome Crown Prince Abdallah to my ranch, a place that is very special to me, and a place where I welcome special guests to our country.”

Oh’ special indeed?! In what way?

For the rest of his presidential term President Bush did not use any other term than “the religion of peace.” Religion of peace in its name 3,000 innocent Americans died prematurely, and who I say were murdered! Then, to stretch the blatant excuse, we were told that this “religion of peace” was “hijacked” by meanies who are the “enemies of peace.”

Since, President Bush, the Commander in Chief’s military generals applied rules of [dis]engagement that respected the mores of Islamo-barbarians above the security needs of our troops and our country.

The year 2001 was the beginning of the appeasement of Radical Islam and Islamic Jihad era that was followed by more threats and brutal attacks throughout the West and within our USA borders. And as for Israel, the only nation that has battled and confronted Islamo terrorism carnage with wars and deterrence is routinely castigated for “disproportionate” responses, for war mongering, rather that peace seeking.

Now President Barack Obama has elevated that appeasement to an art form.

Fifteen years after 9/11, blindness to the Islamic threat is the official policy of the non-Moslem world, which is prohibiting to mention Islam’s connection to violent Jihad and vice versa. Such approach will not prevent future atrocities, another 9/11 like or one on a larger scale.

I said it then and I say it now and will forever say it, Islam has put a spell on the non-Moslem world and hijacked the non-Moslems’ way of life, as it was known, and many of its inhabitants’ honest reality check and moral compass.