For a Confused World, Edification Letter about Israel and Jerusalem

 The world is full of uniformed people. From time to time I think there is a need to make order in the discombobulation.


It is no secret that Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel. President Trump December 2017 announcement that Jerusalem is the state of Israel’s capital was only echoing a fact.

It is amazing though that no protesters stormed the streets when, in April 2017, Russia, made the very same announcement that Jerusalem is the state of Israel’s capital.

The official homes of the Knesset - from the Hebrew word kinus to gather, to confer - Israel’s parliament, the President and the Prime Minister are in Jerusalem and so are many government’s offices. Therefore, it is only appropriate for every country’s embassy or consulate to be located in Jerusalem as well. After all who do they meet during a day of work if not Israeli diplomats who meet them in their Jerusalem office?!

The question each country must answer is: why do you have relations with a country – Israel - you disrespect?

Clarity of history

Prior to June 1967 Six Day War, the old city of Jerusalem, what people mistakenly refer to prior to as ‘east Jerusalem,’ was illegally occupied by Jordan. From that part of the city the Jordanian legionnaire constantly shot into the Jerusalem the Israelis built – what is addressed as ‘west Jerusalem’ - since they received their independence in 1948.

When, in 1967, the Israeli paratroopers stormed the city all they did is regain authority over a city that legally belongs to Israel anyhow.

What about those “Palestinian people”

Where did these people come from? Who are they?  What is their history before 1964, when Yasser Arafat gave birth to this dubious nation?

When, in 1922, after the end of WWI, the world’s powers divided the land of the defeated Ottoman Empire, the land of Israel was given to Britain to rule it under the name the Mandate of Palestine. People, like me, who were born in British Palestine mandate are “Palestinians” and that term applied to anyone who was born in the land at that time. When, in 1948, Israel declared independence, the term “Palestinian” was null and void.


Like people, there are countries who see themselves only.

Let us take Armenia. Armenia stays on que about its genocide claim, expecting Israel to recognize the Turks murdering 1.5 million Armenians. But the same Armenia denies Israel’s sovereign decision to have Jerusalem its capital.

Armenia voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

India voted in the UN to null and void President Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem. The same India that only in July 2017 its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made a state visit to Israel and partook in a mammoth lovefest with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And the members of the EU, Germany in particular!? Germany, a country that has so much Jewish blood on its hands has any right to tell Israel that its capital cannot be Jerusalem? Call it Chutzpah of the first degree. And other EU countries that collaborated with Nazi-Germany only 70 years ago, where do they amass this kind of gall to tell Israel anything, anything?!

Israel’s extended hands meet lack of gratitude

In Italy, on August 24, 2016, Amatrice, a town in the province of Rieti, in northern Lazio, central Italy, was literally shaken to the core by a 6.2 on the Richter magnitude scale earthquake, leaving 290 people dead and hundreds of buildings destroyed or in danger of collapse. Within 24-hours of the quake disaster, IsraAID 20-person team arrived to Amatrice, offering temporary housing, food and water, as well as grief counseling for families of victims.

Italy voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

And Spain’s duplicity? Recently Spain's King, Juan Carlos paid homage to the exiled Sephardic Jewish community and apologized for the 1492 expulsion of the Jews from Spain, approximately 500 years ago.

Spain voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

By blocking Jewish immigration to the land of Israel since the 1939 White Paper decree, after Germany, Britain has much Jewish blood on its hands. On May 17, 1939, on the grounds that it was not feasible, Britain rejected the Peel Commission's partition plan for the land of Israel. Jewish immigration to British Mandate Palestine was limited to 75,000 for the first five years, subject to the country's "economic absorptive capacity", and would later be contingent on Arab consent. Jews no other country would take them in and could not arrive to the land of Israel were murdered by the Nazis under the Final Solution plan. The Jewish Agency for Palestine issued a scathing response to the White Paper, saying the British were denying the Jewish people their rights in darkest hour of Jewish history.

On January 5, 2016, four members of the IsraAID humanitarian relief organization arrived to Britain and offered extended hands to victims of devastating floods, helping repair structural damage and distributing blankets and food to individuals who were forced to flee their homes.

Britain voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

Israel’s extended help to Japan after a devastating tsunami hit the country.

Japan voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

On March 28, 2012, the IDF (Israel Defense Force) Home Front Command and Medical Corps' aid delegation arrived to Minamisanriku, a resort town in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, a resort town on a coastline of wooded islands and mountainous inlets, large sections of which suffered from damage due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Upon their arrival, the Israelis opened an advanced medical clinic featuring pediatrics, surgical, maternity and gynecological, and otolaryngology wards, an optometry department, a laboratory, a pharmacy and an intensive care unit. The clinic's first patient was the mayor of Minamisanriku, who had recently been injured. He was examined by Col. Dr. Ofir Cohen-Marom, deputy to the IDF Chief Medical Officer and the commander of the medical delegation.

In June 2017, Daniel Carmon Israel Ambassador to India and Sri Lanka, delivered trucks full of medical supplies, power generators, food, blankets, and other necessities to in flood crisis Sri Lanka. In just few days, floods and mudslides in underdeveloped regions of the country killed 200 and displaced over 80,000.

Sri Lanka voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

 UN Vote on Jerusalem

July 2017 was fire month is Montenegro. Hundreds of tourists and locals were evacuated from Montenegro and Croatia's Adriatic coast due to heavy fires that were burning for days during the second week of July. Israel dispatched two planes with aid teams and equipment to Montenegro to assist the local firefighters’ efforts to extinguish the blazes. In a mission that last five days Israeli firefighters dropped 78,000 liters of fire retardant during 36 flights over the country.

Montenegro voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

During the month of October 2017 the island of Madagascar experienced the worst outbreak of plague in 50 years. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated aid packages to be sent to the island, with medical supplies and food.

Madagascar voted ‘yay’ in the UN General Assembly to deny Israel’s right to have Jerusalem its capital.

But the worst of all comes from Jews like Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat and a group of Reform Jews who disagree with Trump's affirmation of the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Sorry-ass, misguided, deplorable JINOs’ (Jews In Name Only) never miss an opportunity to show their ugly faces.

Mordechai Kedar Ph.D., is asking a simple question, seeking a simple answer.

Why is it that the government of Israel’s official spokesmen do not say the simplest thing?

The Palestinian claim to Jerusalem is baseless, because Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Islamic state, and certainly not of a Palestinian state that never was never existed.

What prevents the official spokesmen of the State of Israel from saying this simple truth?

Israel, many people are in your corner. The United States of America is in your corner. Lift your head sky high with modesty and gratitude; a bright shining light has been guiding you and will continue guiding you.