Good Israel vs. evil Hamas’s tactical protest

Hamas’s tactical protest on the border with Israel is perpetrated in order to exhaust the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), Gazans to be killed for photo-op; in order to deface Israel’s good image and present the Jewish state as a murderer of civilians as well as get world’s attention and funds.

For Hamas, dancing on the brink of chaos is a winning tactic.

As IDF soldiers, protecting the border, sought to prevent demonstrators from breaching the Israeli border fence, it is said that sixty Gazans were killed by IDF fire, with 24 of them Hamas terror operatives. The rest of the demonstrators are fools who have nothing else to do but endanger their lives for deception.

 At the border fence with Israel, not civilized protest, rather a call for terror, murder, and invasion

On May 14, 1947 Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, declared the Jewish State independence. A day later, on May 15th, and every year since, the Arabs mark what they see as the Nakba, or ‘catastrophe of the establishment of the Jewish state.

While Israelis were jubilee, on Monday, May 14, 2018, to some Gazan family’s life turned tragic, at no fault of Israel's, but Hamas leadership[less] and the fools who follow them.

The hatred instilled in the Arabs by their corrupt, venomous, using Nazi type propaganda leaders is pathetically sad. This hatred is only growing, as life for the ordinary person in Gaza is becoming more unbearable.

What will you do if an enraged mob tries to break your country’s international border fence and flood your country? Will you let them run you over or stop them in any possible mean, including shooting them dead if the out of control stampede cannot be stopped in any other way?

The IDF dropped leaflets in Gaza asking the Gazan population not to listen to their leaders because if they do they put their life on the line and at risk. But thousands of them would not listen. For far too many Gazans, a monetary reward of few hundred dollars, paid by Iran, is stronger than his or her life. The Hamas leaders tell their people, go get shot, you will be remunerated; your life means nothing to us and you get shot – you are wounded or dead - is an inexpensive PR photo-op for us.

Gaza is the example to what will happen if the ‘two-state-solution’ comes to fruition as so many still promote this dangerously moronic idea. In this case, there will be no border fence to protect the Israelis from the Arab mob. Just as it happened in 1948, when the Jordan Legions swarmed Jerusalem, which they managed to hold onto at the end of Israel War of Independence.

The Jordanians made sure not one Jew will be dwelling in the city under their rule. Jews, their families lived in the Jerusalem for centuries were murdered or expelled and all Jewish houses of prayer and cemeteries were destroyed and/or desecrated.

There are no Jews living in Gaza; Gaza is Juderien-free of Jews. There is no Israeli occupation there but Hamas occupation. By now this prime property strip, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, with white sandy beach, should have been an astonishing Middle East Hong Kong. If no ongoing wars, Israel would have seen to it. But the Islamo-Nazi Arabs want nothing else but to kill the Jews and destroy their amazing country.

Who can put the foot on the pedal?

As of this writing, the committee organizing the Gazan’s ongoing protests, the attempts to break through the border fence with Israel, called for a continuation of the weekly demonstrations, now with the next major focus on June 5 — called Naksa Day, meaning "day of the setback", the date when the Arabs mark their defeat in the 1967 Six Day War.

Israel, knowing what Hamas is all about and its warfare routine, figured out that for now Hamas is in no hurry to escalate the situation, to fire rockets at Israel. Apparently, the 2018 Hamas has learned to use a vocabulary that the international media can buy and sell. We see them using “nonviolent resistance,” “popular struggle,” etc., all hit the stomach of the triple standard toward Israel and ignorant media.

As long as ‘nonviolent’ mass gatherings’ of foolish Arab mob, showing willingness to rush toward the border fence and sacrifice their lives, that take place on the border fence with Israel, are under control, it appears that Hams is uninterested in being dragged into all-out war with the IDF. It appears that Hams currently believes that open war may do it more harm than good. In other words, the group does not want to risk losing control of their territory or making its leaders assassination target, as the IDF warned the group already.

It is Hamas that controls the entire show in Gaza that subsequently can, if it wants, restrain not just the demonstrators but also Gaza’s other armed groups.

For now, the chaotic demonstrations, with rather low human toll, since the IDF has been using snipers to control the mob not tanks or war planes, have netted Hamas quite a few achievements:

1/ They were brought to the fore of Arabs’ internal political discourse, while

2/ Refocusing the attention of the international community on Gaza.

3/ And as always, Israel is bearing the brunt of the blame for the deaths. The proverbial United Nations condemnation was already passed in this anti-Israel body hall and the barking Chihuahua media did not stop barking on behalf of Hamas, meaning on behalf of and for terror against Israel. Other than from Washington D.C, there was very little condemnation of Hamas from anyone.

The Gazans are fulfilling Golda Meir’s saying: “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

In that context, Gazan children and youth are paying the price of Hamas vile hate for Israel. Gazan youths have been rushed, in droves, to the border-fence.

 Gazan youth - instead of learning, incitement and a call to murder Jews 

One may ask: How is it that this mob does not fear for its life? How come so many are willing to die in a futile assault on the security fence Israel erected to separate itself from the Gaza terror enclave and to stop the infiltration by illegals?

The only though that comes to mind, as a reply to the question, is twofold: the desire of young Gazans to be seen as heroes by their society that calls for meaningless martyrdom and the feeling among so many that they have nothing to lose if they die.

Pairing despair and a desire to stand out appears to be a strong motivator for the recruitment of so many Gazans to march and protests. Also, with over 40% unemployment in the Strip, a possible pay for getting hurt at the border fence makes an incentive to march.

Demonstrators’ participation may diminish but escalation to a right out conflict may take place

Still, it is difficult to see how Hamas’s new tactic of controlled rallies can last much longer.

If Hamas does not achieve actual results from these run the border demonstrations, or see a change in the Gaza it rules situation, there should be a natural decline in the motivation of the Gazan populace to risk life at the border. At some point Hamas may even be tempted to revert to its basic warring instincts, firing rockets or even attempting to rile the Palestinian Authority population to carry out attacks in their territory, in Judea and Samaria. This, in a twisted way, would lower the risk of an open conflict in Gaza, while winning points with the Arabs public who is brainwashed to demand revenge and seek the return to where exactly?

After all, what is this all about?

If any Arab has a problem with Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, he or she needs to take up the issue with G-D, Who gave the land to His people, the Israelite-Jews. But it appears that these Arabs have a murderous relationship with their type God; their God is a cruel, evil, likes them to go kill their own and others.

With the USA finally taking the rightful step along which it has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it gives Israel the permanency it so badly needed, to continue to grow and thrive. It made Israel invincible.

This spectacle at the border fence with Israel is simply Arab self-inflicting catastrophe.

The riots and anarchy on Israel’s border with Gaza are not because the Gazans are angry Jerusalem received the rightful recognition as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since King David time, for some 3,500 years. Hamas, the ruler of Gaza’s charter calls for the annihilation of Israel by any mean possible. Using its civilians, children, youths, women and men, to try break through the border fence is just one other mean to try achieve its charter’s goal. 

Hamas, using the complicit media, has invented a ‘peacefully’ violent demonstration with guns, knives and child as human shields to advance its agenda..

The problem is that on the two sides of the border fence that separates Gaza from Israel, there are two different type of people: on the Gaza side, people who want to murder and kill and could care less about being killed and on Israel’s side, people who want to live and defend themselves from being killed. It is a war of evil – Hamas and its cronies – against good – Israel.

The world blaming and condemning Israel is a de-facto proof it sides with terror, it sides with Hamas’s goal to demise Israel. The world is complicit in this chaotic state of affairs at the border fence that separates squalid Gaza from enchanting Israel. It is not Israel but the world that is complicit in the loss of Gazans’ life.

We, the people who know right from wrong, will not let Hamas’s goal happen. NEVER!