Good-Looking Defense Jewelry

 In a world that is becoming unsafe, being able to defend yourself is a must

 Her name is Nitzan Kish, 29, a recent graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, now a designer of artistic defense and survival 3-D print jewelry.

  Nitzan Kish-at the Israel Conference, Los Angeles-photo Nurit Greenger

I met Nitzan at the Israel Conference that took place in Los Angeles on October 21st-22nd, 2015. 

“What got you into this art field?” I asked Nitzan.

Her reply, “I am a girl and I want to feel safe when I go out of my home into the street.”

Nitzan discovered her artistic talent at the age of five when she set at the sawing machine and sawed away as if she was a professional. She learned self-defense martial arts for years and took classes in photography. Her first encounter with self-defense jewelry was during her first year studies at Bezalel Academy. (3D Printed Apparel Integrates Weaponry: Israeli Student Designs Collection to Include Spikes, Rope, Cable)

  Israeli artist Nitzan Kish-3d-prints-cool-modular
  Nitzan Kish wearing her shoulder modular

The self-defense jewelry is made of lightweight but very strong nylon #12 material that comes in white and then is colored. The main purpose of the jewelry is twofold:

1/ Self, immediate defense, and

2/ Survival such as after earthquake, or other disaster. “Due to their lesser strength, women have less of a chance to survive,” Nitzan reasons her decorative, survival defense jewelry kit.

The line, in the future could be made to be bulletproof, includes a necklace rope, cable-tie bracelet, spiked wrist, arm, elbow and back pieces. The inspiration for the different items came from her friend whom she asked what movement you will make to defend yourself if attacked. Each movement can be wrapped in Nitzan’s defense 3-D computer generated jewelry.

 Cable-tie bracelet

  Nitzan Kish wearing her necklace rope-photo Nurit Greenger
  Survival necklace rope strength
  Defense Spiked bracelets
These past six months Nitzan’s company, Miz.NK is designing her jewelry for sale. The items priced from $100-$500 apiece.

Nitzan shares her passion for her out-of-the-box type jewelry and entrepreneurial skill with her work at Unistream, a Youth Center for 15-17 year old that brings about social change by empowering teens from underprivileged communities to build and run their own startups and become entrepreneurs.

“Your dream?” I asked Nitzan.

“To manufacture in the USA so the production will be less costly and thus every woman, worldwide, can be safer and know that survival of the fittest includes her too,“ she replied.

But this type defense can be used universal. The sky is the limit.