Hollywoody Gallery

Up in the Hollywood Hills, below the Hollywood sign, Robby Gordon built a small oasis of modern architecture overlooking breathtaking view, a home-gallery with much greenery and artistic bright colors.

Robby's home facing his artistic garden
Robby, born in Israel, arrived to the United States in 1973, one day after he was released from obligatory military service. A trained veterinarian, who became allergic to animals, Robby studied finance at UCI. He played, on and off, with eclectic art all his life and now art, of many forms, is the center of his daily life activities.
Robby Gordon at his desk

Robby is holding a permanent and evolving art exhibition in his impressive, hillside, three levels, tastefully modern home, which he designed and completed three years ago.

Walls covered with art

The gallery, Robby’s full of light home packed with plants, displays a collection of modern style acrylic painting, ceramic work, artistically painted furniture, glass works, hand painted clothing, decorated walls and moving blinds, semi-precious rocks to which he gives a finish touch and a garden full of sculptures. 

Art on cloths

Robby is eccentric, dynamic and is like an explosive with ideas that can keep him busy over three life times.

Robby is not attached to any art piece at the house because he needs the walls to display new pieces.

Everything in the Hollywood Gallery is for sale. Go visit the gallery, enjoy the magnificent view of Los Angeles from its wide windows, the house esthetic décor and the collection of art in it, while meeting a very interesting artist.

Corner of Art and greenery in the house

Once a month Robby holds an open house; by appointment you can come see the exhibition as many times as you wish and each time for sure you will discover a new piece and a new artistic idea.