Honoring Mitch Flint at Yitzchak Rabin z”l Memorial

In 1948, Mitch Flint, who just finished flying for the US Navy in WWII, left his comfortable home in the USA and headed to Israel to help the nascent state that was battling the Arab nations foes in its Independence War. Though illegal act when it comes to USA law, Mitch, the USA Jewish pilot, volunteered, with others – Jews and non-Jews volunteer pilots - to fly rinky-dink airplanes, whatever kind Israel could put a hand on and buy. The outcome, the war was won and Israel endured.
 Mitch by 
his Israeli plane in 1948-Photo courtesy of AITS Production

Last night, November 3, 2015, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills California, also known as Temple of the Arts, many gathered, including Jonathan Ben Artzi, Rabin’s grandson, to memorialize the life of assassinated Israel's Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin z"l.

During the event, which was a celebration of life and freedom, Rabbi David Baron of Temple of the Arts honored Mitch Flint, 92 year young, for his brave decision, against many odds, to go to Israel and help the Jewish State in times of great need. Mitch and Rabin have fought for Israel's very existence.

 L-Israel air-force pilot, Mitch Flint, Rabbi Baron of the Temple of the Arts-Photo N Greenger

Israeli Black Hawk helicopter pilot endowed Mitch with a special air-force-Israel dual flag pin and the entire audience stood up in salute of Mitch, in salute of all those who sacrifice so Israel wins.

 L-Israel air-force pilot taking off his Air-Force-Israel 2 flags combination pin to give to Mitch Flint-Photo Nurit Greenger
 L-Israel air-force pilot taking the Air-Force-Israel 2 flags combination special pin and putting it on Mitch Flint's jacket
So we all remember, without Mitch and his like there is a possibility that Israel would have not won its Independence War and would have not endured.

The volunteer pilots, approximately 140 in number, some Jews, some non-Jews, were the beginning of what is today the Israeli air-force, which is among the very best air-forces in the world.

The movie Angels In The Sky (AITS) (http://angelsintheskythemovie.com/the-talent-team/8-bios/17-mike-flint), about Mitch and his volunteer pilots’ stint in Israel, which translated to the forming of the Israeli air-force, is in the making.

Thank you Mitch, the last mobile of all those volunteer for Israel pilots, for stepping up and doing what is right, as you always say: "Someone had to do it!"

We all salute you and hug you Major-Rav-Seren Mitch!