In Iran, the People’s Fight is to Move the Social Pendulum

 In 2009 the people in Iran took to the streets.

In 2017 the people in Iran are again in the streets.

 Iran protests in 12-30-2017

The Iranian people are pouring out onto the streets with a desperate attempt against the Islamist regime and with it they are exposing the bitter life that Iran’s citizens, especially women, have been forced to live for nearly forty years in the name of Islam and Islamic law, sharia.

How much a pressure cooker can boil before its top pops open?

This is the situation in Iran. An oppressed society can only harbor its oppression long enough and then its top pops open.

On the eve of the beginning of the year 2018 protests started all over the Islamic Republic of Iran land. Workers and intellectuals, the unemployed, and the elites are in the streets calling for the Supreme Leader and his mullahs’ squadron death and for the resignation of Hassan Rouhani, the seventh President of Iran, serving since 3 August 2013.

Today’s Iran is a multi-national mosaic comprised of roughly fifty percent Persians and fifty percent Kurds, Balouchis, Azeris, Ahwazis, Lurs, Bakhtiaris and other minorities. Many of these minority communities have been ostracized by the Tehran-centric, mullah-dominated regime and abstained from the 2009 uprising because the Green movement brushed off their demands of equal representation. But today, that appears to have changed. The protests erupted, almost simultaneously, in major cities in areas of the country dominated by Kurdish, Ahwaz, and Balouchi minority communities, who were absent in the 2009 up rise.

In June, 2009, the people of Iran took the streets, then, because they claimed the recent elections were rigged. Barack Obama, then the President of the USA, kept a shameful silence, allowing the regime to kill protesters and squelch the protests.

In December, 2017, the people of Iran are in the streets due to the government’s mismanagement of their country, causing the people to no longer being able to feed their families. Current USA President, Donald Trump, is supporting the right of the Iran people to have a better life. More so, using his bully pulpit, Trump has now a golden opportunity to change history, which he began to do through his twitter account and with it he may be instrumental in averting a world war.

On New Year’s Eve Trump tweeted: “The people [in Iran] are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!”

A free Iran is in America’s best interest. Without the wicked influence of the Iranian regime, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen and Gaza would be very different places today.

Helping the Iranians to win their freedom from the Moslem clerical dictators and from the IRGC (The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) fascists, is a noble endeavor that goes to the heart of every freedom loving person. It is the duty of freedom loving societies to assist pro-freedom loving Iranians, and for the United States to call-out the Islamo-Nazi type regime in Tehran for its bloody crackdown on the fundamental human and political rights of the Iranian citizens.

As Winston Churchill famously said, “You can always trust the Americans to do the right thing, after they have tried everything else.”

And as Elie Wiesel said, “When human dignity is at stake, neutrality is a sin, not a virtue.”

During WWII, when the French résistance was fighting the Nazis, the British and the American allies encouraged the brave Frenchmen with oratory ONLY, and withheld any hardware help. This brought about the saying, “the British will fight the Nazis to the last drop of French blood.”

We cannot let the Iranian people fight the evil that rules over them to the last drop of Iranian blood. We must support them, with any tool they need, to help them free themselves from the yoke of Islamic and dictatorship repressors.

Women in Iran

In 1979, when the Iranian people overthrew the Shah they did not bring into calculation what will the ultimate repercussions turn to be.

The Shah and his secular regime was toppled and was replaced with a repressive hell-hole ruled by the Ayatollahs, a high-ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī‘ah clerics. Those who carry the title Ayatollah are supposed to be experts in Islamic studies, such as jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy. But, as we have witnessed, the Ayatollahs of Iran are simply evil avatar.

Sharia enforcement took away Iran’s women femininity and buried it under the burka and the hijab cloth. And so the Iranian women became sick and tired of living under layers upon layers of imprisonment.

Iranian women, grandmothers, mothers and daughters have chosen resistance with much courage. They want to throw away the veils and head coverings, dye their hair green or purple and break the shackles of Sharia.

By risking their lives, the Iranian women have unmasked the faces of those trying to promote burqas and hijabs as if they are ‘symbols of liberation’.

Liberation from what exactly? To the contrary, the demonstrations show the ugly face of Islamists who took their own people hostage — by repression, jail, torture, executions — in any way they can, to quench their thirst for power and more power.


The meaning of the word freedom is absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. This does not exist in Iran.

The synonyms to the word freedom is self-determination, self-rule, sovereignty, democracy, none exist in Iran.

In a free society, like the American society, you can see women wearing saris or hijab; Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs or headscarves, while girls in miniskirts, girls with navel rings, or deep cleavage are free and without fear of ‘honor killings,’ stoning, lashing or be raped, or are forced to a marriage even at the pre-puberty age of nine. These type of living conditions for women do not exist in Iran.

Freedom is the right to live without fear that your father or your brother will murder you for committing adultery, apostasy or a perceived insult to the Prophet Mohammed.

Freedom is the right to read books, any books, watch porn flicks, if so you choose, see movies from musicals to erotica, dance to music you like and kiss in public. Freedom is the chose to marry or divorce, to drive and to travel and to choose what to wear and how and when to wear what you like. Freedom is when the state protects you and your freedoms, not when the religion dictates the state.

The Iranian people’s enemy is distorted Islam and an evil ideology named Sharia, which enables tormentors to mismanaged the country and intimidate the citizens.

According to life in Iran, Muslim men are permitted to marry outside the faith and have many wives; women are forbidden even as much as an innocent and playful flirtation.

Stoning in Iran is still practiced as a punishment and continues to this day.

Honor killings are condoned in Iran under Sharia law. If a father – or his male ancestors – kill his child, they will not be prosecuted for murder. According Iranian Civil Code, parents have a right to punish their children within the limits prescribed by law and ‘punish’ does not just mean getting no dinner and going up to your room.

The regime in Iran must feel shaken by the resolve of the protestors. In the past Iran’s leaders have promised to soften their harsh misogynistic laws, by not imprisoning women in Tehran who appear in public without their veils on. But today’s protesters do not seem to be buying these promises. The protesters now want full elimination of extremism in their country. There is no more trust in the promises of this regime. No more promises, just leave the country to the people and a democratic constitution.

The streets of Iran have not seen such unrest since the 1979 Revolution that toppled the Shah.

The people of Iran have had enough of the Muslim supreme leader, the mullahs, the corrupt government, the waste of the people’s money on wars that aren’t Iran’s wars, being forced to live under oppression and repression; the people of Iran have had enough of the lousy life they have been dished out since 1979. How much they have had enough is yet to be seen.