Islamo-Fashionistas Not Cool: Hijabing the Hijab

It is apparent that the world outside Islam simply does not understand this ideology, come on religion mentality. And the western fashion industry thinks that the Islamo-fashionista is cool, is appealing and that the hijab, a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women, is a fashion statement.
I read this article: ‘Hijab shame: rape, murder, and loss of face - World Hijab Day, Macy's and betrayaland had to add my opinion with a hope that outlets like Macy’s will get turned off and will end its hijab hype.
Real hijab shame and Macy’s hijab craze
This issue is for every woman and every man who has a woman by his side to know and be aware of.
Islam is NOT a religion of peace as some of the world’s clueless and apologist ‘leaders’ would like to claim it is.
Islam is a totalitarian political system of total social and mind control. Islam requires control and dominance, especially over women. If we, the American people, will open our borders to Islamic immigration, even wider than what we have done thus far, this is what we can expect.
The Hijab is NOT a fashion statement, it is a symbol of intolerance and suppression of the woman and of female shame!
Since I would like to be fair and truthful should this subject arises, I am asking, there is a comparison. In the Jewish religious women appear to have some similar rules, stem from modesty and /or behavioral control; a religious Jewish woman is also required to wear head cover, or a Sheitel, and is not allowed to dance with another man and shake a man's hand. In preference, a religious Jewish woman should not be alone in a strange man’s company.
The Difference is that a Jewish woman is held in the highest regard when a Muslim women is not.
Modesty and shame are not the same thing. Islam is a SHAMING focused religious culture, while Judaism is not a SHAMING focused ancient religion. Judaism elevates the woman; even the most far out Jewish sects are not shame focused. Islam shames the woman; it will kill a woman if she shamed her husband, her family.
Two outward appearing sets of behavior can be driven by totally opposite kinds of motivation. The Jewish ancient book, the Torah, does not denigrate women, rather elevates them in ways Islam will not allow.
Islam and Judaism practices differ not by a degree, but by kind.
Torah is a handbook for civilized behavior. It begins with the world of Abraham, an almost fanatic believer who was going to sacrifice his only son to show his ultimate belief in an unseen G-D. Was a child sacrifice to idols common in those days?
The real transformation from savagery to civility begins with Abraham and his son Isaac and step by step the savagery of the ancient world began to dwindle and transform through the ages into the model of civility and human rights to mankind, but not to all.
Human sacrifice was replaced with animal sacrifice which the Israelite-Jews were scarifying when visiting their Temple in Jerusalem. And then, when the Temple was destroyed and Jews were scattered all over the world, animal sacrifice was replaced with prayer.
That is just one example of how Jewish culture is different from the other cultures that Jews left behind them many centuries ago, as they took the long road, the leading road, to monotheism and civilization.
When a Muslim women wears the hijab she has internalized her own oppression and SHAMING. In comparison, when a western non-Muslim women wears a hijab she has been indoctrinated into this fashionable social justice myth attached to Islamophobia babble.
‘World Hijab Day’, founded by a Muslim activist/operative, is part of the stealth jihad strategy and Islam Hijrah, to slowly introduce and embed Muslim Sharia law into Western culture.
An example of foolishness by an indoctrinated Westerner: The president of the New York Chapter of the National Organization for Women thinks women should wear hijab as part of the resistance against President Trump. And Macy’s, an American illustrious institution, is marketing the Hijab garments, which are nothing but a symbol of slavery, and is glamorizing the subjugation of women. Once Hijab goes mainstream will a former free western women become an Islamo-subject?
If we, the American people, wish to remain the freest society on earth, Islam should not be welcome into our midst.
The ideological-religion Islam got stuck in a 7th century mentality and has not reformed. This ideological religion leaves one’s mouth open wide when is associated with a Macy’s ‘world hijab day’ fashionista. How shameful!