It is all about being personal at Israel Discount Bank (IDB)

There is a bank and there is a bank. IDB (Israel Discount Bank), with headquarters in New York City and branches in Florida and California, sees itself as a unique bank. Attesting to this were the hundreds of their valuable customers and friends who, on a splendorous Californian sunny late afternoon, gathered at the outdoor venue of the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California, for the IDB Annual Appreciation Diner to simply munch, drink, meet, greet network and celebrate together. There were no stereotypical speeches; only two short welcome pleasantries by Kiyoun Kim, Executive Vice President, Regional Manager for California and Uri Levin IDB CEO and president. The rest, you guessed well, a fun get together, to taste from the elaborated variety of great food, enjoy lovely background music and bask in the relaxed atmosphere. It was a very enjoyable gathering of very fine people. Many thanks to the bank and those who organized this event.

Uri Levin IDB CEO-President

 Kiyoun Kim, EVP & Regional Manager for CA Israel Discount Bank of New York

 Moti Levy-Head of California Operations and Administration

 L-Gal Ben Naim Head of Private Banking & Uri Levin CEO-President

So will a bank hold such an event?

IDB, a ten billion banking institute, now forecast to grow to a fifteen billion institution, prides itself on its strategy of being personal, in equally offering viable investments to its clients while investing in people and relationships, along with a steady growth and ameliorating its operation model.

 The guests

 From L-Michal Mivtzari event's photographer, guests E-LiAna Baruch, Talia Priel-Tuch, Nurit Greenger, article's writer
IDB bases its business conduct on developing mutual bank/client trust with emphasis on a one-on-one personal banking, which puts it apart from the banks’ pack. IDB sees itself as the client's banker, a colleague and a friend. The bank is all about being personal with a trust base relations and partnering with the community at large.

Israel Bank Discount, USA, is the largest Israeli bank outside Israel. If the lovely evening event was meant to be great indication of what IDB is all about, then the bank can only expect further greatness in the near and far future.

If you are into investing in yours and your family future, while making the world a better place, IDB is your destination.