Jewish-Moslem Extended Hands Celebrated in USA

 A bond that goes back 25 years.

There is a saying in the Jewish religion, and possibly with all other civilized societies, that is GRATITUDE-hakarat ha’vtov. It is a fundamental failure not to have gratitude.

In 1991, when Azerbaijan declared its independence, Israel was among the first countries to recognize the new sovereign state. Since than the two countries have been growing together in almost the same universal parallel.

Both countries, Israel and Azerbaijan, situated in a difficult neighborhood. It takes smart diplomacy and political maneuverability to stay on top and move forward.

This month, at Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, California, the two countries, the Jewish state and the Moslem state, celebrated 25 years of their special relationship. All three anthems, the America, the Azerbaijani and the Israeli were sang in their original language.

Both countries’ dogma is tolerance. But Azerbaijan, a Moslem country, is a model of tolerance where Antisemitism, that so much prevails in Moslem societies is an unknown term.

Israel and Azerbaijan are a proof that different cultures are not an obstacle to good relations; they are not divisive but uniting, they do not create enmity, rather much respect.

Let this ‘abnormal but open’ relations between a Moslem country and a Jewish country become the exemplary norm for all other Moslem countries to follow.

To sum it up with the Hebrew words Mr. Nasimi Aghayev, Azerbaijan consul general used: Kol Hakavod, meaning, encouragement and praise.

Here is are the 1000 words story in photos:
 L-Israel, USA, Azerbaijan flags together on stage
 L-Israel consul General Sam Grundwerg R-Azerbaijan consul general Nasimi Aghayev
 L-Azerbaijan consul general Nasimi Aghayev with writer Nurit Greenger, and R-Israel consul General Sam Grundwerg
 Sinai boys youth choir & tar player
 On the tar, Azerbaijan's indigenous string instrument