Kfar Aza, Border of War and Peace Reality Check

 The name Kfar Aza means Gaza Village. It is an Israeli community, a combination of 220 members’ kibbutz type community, and a residential community of 600 men, women and children members, proud of 2 large industries, large factory that is producing raw materials for the plastics industry and Sincopa, events’ sound equipment, was established in 1951 and is nestled on Israel’s border with Gaza. Walking along the border fence you can see Gaza with a naked eye, in fact you can see destroyed buildings in the Gazan neighborhood Shuja'iyya where, in 2014, during the Protective Edge War, Israel Air Force bombed and destroyed many building.
 The entrance sign to Kfar Aza
 Photo of Shuja'iyya, Gaza, taken from the Israel side of the border, a sophisticated border fence surrounding kibbutz Kfar Aza
Kfar Aza have known wars since the birth of Israel. Nowadays, being so close to the border the Gazan terrorists often shell mortars into the kibbutz and there were fatalities as a result. Israel communities in a farther range of Gaza are attacked by rockets and missiles when the terror enclave Gaza decides that it is time for a war with Israel.
emnants of 1948 Egyptian armored vehicle left from a battle of then
 A memorial for Kibbutz member who was working in his garden when the mortar hit and killed him

The atmosphere is pastoral; lawns, green trees and flowers everywhere. It is not the atmosphere one expects in a place located so very close to constant hostility from a war mongering neighbor. It is normal life atmosphere. But the Israeli tanks dashing nearby were the reality check reminder of where I was standing and what I was seeing.

 IDF tank patrolling the border

Beyond the border fence I saw the Kfar Aza farmers working their fields that are literally touching Gaza. My host, Amos, 86, who is the most senior member of the kibbutz, born in Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar, located in Upper Galilee, to a mother who arrived to the land from Ukraine and a father from Poland before the birth of the state of Israel, told me that before the Oslo Agreements, which I personally think was a devastating idea and decision to which Israel gave birth to and is still acting upon, Gazans worked for Kfar Aza and till today there is some communication going on between people who know each other for many years.
Amos, 86, my host, the oldest member of kibbutz Kfar Aza and I

Kfar Aza is one of many Israeli communities forming the front line of Israel. Sderot, the southern town that much in the news for its suffering from Gaza rockets’ fire is not as close to the border as this community is.

 Sderot-city entrance sign

 You want to have peace, you need to take the politicians out of the equation, show strength of no if and but and you start a revolutionary education to end the incitement, brainwash and the propaganda the Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and others like them use on their people. All else will forever fail and there will never be peace. Only people to people will slowly bring about true peace.