Legislative Jewish Caucus of California, End the Corrupt Political Folly

 The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) metastasizing movement is propelled by anti-Semitism and a deep rooted hate for the Jewish state, hate that has been built on lies and deception, just like the hate of Jews the Nazis propagated in 1933 and onward, designed by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels.
Today, in California, there is a proposed state bill AB-1552 that was announced in November 2015 by Legislator Travis Allen a non-Jew, Republican for the California State Assembly from Huntington Beach (District 72) and was introduced on January 4th 2016.
Travis Allen
If adopted, AB 1552 would prohibit state-run government entities from doing business with companies that engage in boycotts with a “person or entity, based on the race, color, religion, gender, or nationality.” According to Mr. Allen, the BDS vile movement, “use(s) false, demonizing, and delegitimizing propaganda against the State of Israel.”
Disappointingly, though, the California Legislative Jewish Caucus, all Democrats, have been deeply into political charade and thus postponing bringing AB 1552 into law.
Originally, Assembly Member Richard Bloom, a Democrat and a member of the Legislative Jewish Caucus signed as a joint-author on AB 1552. He has since taken his name off the bill so he can steal it, plagiarize its content, water it down and declare ownership.
AB 1552 Assemblymen Travis Allen & Richard Bloom Co-Authors
The California Legislative Jewish Caucus do not believe that the BDS is pernicious and is ominous to Israel’s survival. Perhaps they do not have the resolute to fight it or they simply wish to receive the credit for introducing anti-BDS bill of their own.
Throughout the millennia Jews have been scattered all over the world. The Jewish Nation have just celebrated the holiday of Purim and there, in the Book of Esther, we read to witness the Jews dispersed all over the world. Curing it is unity. Only unity will overcome the challenges the Jewish Nation is facing in Israel and abroad. For one moment let us not delude ourselves to believe that the BDS movement’s goal is anything other than to weaken and destroy Israel.
The Jewish nation state, Israel, belongs to all the Jews, wherever they live. Supporters of Israel, Jews and non-Jews alike – responsibility is to act correctly, which will determine Israel’s strength, destiny, and her ability to grow stronger and thrive. It is unity, not uniformity that will achieve all that.
What socialism, fascism and other ideologies of the Left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people - like themselves, as superior beings pursuing superior ends - need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat. It appears that this is what those who are not joining in support the bipartisan AB 1552 want to do, which is to take away the bill from the lesser people – the Republican and the owner of the bill Legislator Travis Allen - tweak it to their liking and water it down so it has no real effectiveness but appears to be a noble fiat. This is the Left well-known ruse, which myself and many like minded despise, do not approve nor accept.
It is worthwhile reviewing the Jewish Journal article, dated Mar. 27, 2016, to understand the Jewish caucus name of the game: Jewish Democrat withdraws joint authorship of Republican’s anti-BDS bill, plans to introduce same legislation.
No bipartisan fiat contradicts a Constitution that begins with, "We the People..." If the Jewish Caucus of the California legislative hijacks and copycats AB 1552 as its own, as it appears it is planning to do, it only proves that corrupt political folly is their means to an end.