Magen David Adom, a Torpedo Shield

 Magen David Adom stands between life and death.

As at the end of each year, this time in October, American Friends Of Magen David Adom (FMDA) USA, West Coast, Israel’s equivalent to the Red Cross, held their annual gala under the banner ‘Red Ball Gala’, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills California, where 1200 people saluted and donated to an organization that the life of every Israeli depends on.

Center, Dina Leeds, president of American Friends of Magen David Adom with husband Fred Leeds & in background MDA representative from Israel

Chaired by Dina and Fred Leeds, and attended by several Magen David Adom active workers from Israel, Gila and Adam Milstein were honored as Humanitarians of the Year, Ruth Flinkman-Marandy and Ben Marandy received the Life Achievement Award and Barak Raviv received the Next Generation Award.  Jerry Seinfeld entertained to much laughter and $12 million dollars were raised which will go towards the completion of Israel’s, first in the world, underground blood bank.

  2nd-L-Gila Milstein, 2nd-R- Adam Milstein with their three daughter

 R-Ben Marandy, Jerry Seinfeld and Ruth Flinkman-Marandy

  Center-Barak Raviv, recipient of the Next Generation Award with friends

  L-Sheldon and Miriam Adelson who donated $5 million for MDA and Erik Levis

    L-Ora Lax who donated toward an ambulance with Orly Halevy responsible for inviting Mrs. Lax to the event

  Ambulance Dedication in Beverly Hills, October 2015

Magen David Adom, meaning, the Red Shield of David, is an unique organization in charge of all Israel’s blood supply and of a large, top equipped fleet of ambulances.  This organization, is literally on call 24/7 and is the life saver of every Israeli.  Its sustaining funds are raised entirely by public donation, and not by the government.

While too many Arabs, living inside Israel and her surroundings, want to torpedo the life of the Jewish State and its citizens, Magen David Adom, operated largely by consciences, well-trained volunteers, shields life in Israel each second of the day and night.

Israel is surrounded by enemies. To the north, Hezbollah, the proxy of Iran, has thousands of rockets accurately pointing at crucial targets inside Israel. To the south, Hamas is freely firing rockets and mortars into Israel, targeting the civilian population, and ISIS is roving mad in the Sinai Peninsula.

Not to forget many vicious Arabs living in Israel who target Jews for being Jews, attacking them with knives, fire bombs and rocks. Now more than ever there is the need to protect the blood supply of Israel and the planed underground blood bank is an existential, must be completed, project.

Israel will continue to see terror; rockets and missiles will be fired at her by her enemies and by some Moslems in her midst, who do not want Jews living in their ancient Promised Land and will continue waging their religious terrorism war against the Jews. Since blood is the sustenance of life, sustaining the nation’s supply and storing it is now Magen David Adom’s first priority.

And with the generosity and support of people who clearly understand Israel’s predicament, Magen David Adom continues giving outstanding services to all Israel’s citizens, whenever they receive the call, wherever they are needed, in Israel and even abroad.


Become part of Magen David Adom, Support the organization and help Save Life in Israel.