Mudding Israel and Jews With California Petty Polity

 Many California legislators want to join the impressive club of states that have already passed a law banning the vile BDS movement.

In a nut shell, the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) is propelled by anti-Semitism and a deep rooted hate for the Jewish state, hate that has been built on lies and deception, just like the hate of Jews the Nazis propagated in 1933 and onward, designed by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels.

Today there is a proposed state bill AB-1552, introduced by Legislator Travis Allen [Republican] for the California State Assembly from Huntington Beach (District 72).

California Assemblymember Travis Allen

In my previous article I mentioned that the Joint-Author of the AB 1552 bill is Assembly Member Richard Bloom, a Democrat and a member of the Legislative Jewish Caucus.

What is disturbing to know is that several members of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus still do not support and did not sign on the AB 1552 bill.  That makes no sense.

In a new development, it is rumored and there are speculations that those members of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus who have, till now, supported the bill, have decided to remove their names from it and will no longer support the AB 1552 bill. More so, they may be contemplating introducing their own bill, to address the same issue, again it is perplexing given that AB 1552 already aims to put an end to the BDS activities in California.

So what is going on, one can ask?

Why the members of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus wish to come off the existing bill and write their own while their Democrats and Republican colleagues, alike, are supporting and co-authoring the sate AB 1552 bill?

Is it that the California Legislative Jewish Caucus members wish to come off their support for AB 1552 and write their own bill as part of petty politics and the desire to get the credit for a bill they wrote, instead of joining in support of the existing bill, written out of pure care for American values and our ally, the state of Israel?

Is it that AB 1552 bill was introduced by a Republican, non-Jew, who cares a great deal for California-Israel relations and the fate of the Jewish State that is unfavored by the California Legislative Jewish Caucus? After all Democrats and Republicans who are Christian have also signed onto this bipartisan bill that clearly reflects our American values.

The Knesset Speaker of the House and the Knesset members in Israel, as a whole, support any help their country can get to squash the ant-Semitic BDS movement. Why then do members of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus want to derail the existing bill instead of simply joining in the fight along the existing AB 1552, and with the Knesset, other states, and their colleagues in Sacramento?

I, the writer, am the American people. I hereby call the California Legislative Jewish Caucus to do the right thing. Stand up for your people in Israel, join in support of the existing bi-partisan AB 1552 bill that makes sense and put aside all petty politics and immature concern for who gets the political glory.