Naming Sheba Medical Center, an Oasis of Healing, Hope and Peace

 I have a pen and note pad and I use these tools to express my feelings and tell what is on my mind. This one is dedicated to Haim Sheba Medical Center.

Adjacent to Tel Aviv, Sheba, a medical center ahead of the curve, is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East. As a foremost global center for medical education, it is renowned for its leading-edge medicine as well as being a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates with international bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs, treatments and technologies.

 Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer-photo Sheba

On May 24, 2016, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, co-chaired by Beverly Cohen and Camille Adar, attended by several leading rabbis, Professor Mordechai Shani, Director Emeritus Chaim Sheba Medical Center/current Director of the Center’s Development Fund, David Siegel, Consul General of Israel and the who is who of the philanthropic women, Friends of Sheba, a premier organization, put together Women of Achievement 2016 Luncheon, with the fig, one of the land of Israel seven species, representing the connection to Israel as the event’s theme symbol, which they dedicated to transforming the culture of cancer treatment.

 Friends of Sheba luncheon invitation
 Beverly Cohen [L] and Camille Adar-event's co-chairs

While Sheba gathers us to make a difference, this year the organization gave a memorial tribute to Marjorie Pressman z”l, who was a mover and shaker in helping to raise funds for the hospital. The Marjorie Pressman Legacy Award was bestowed upon Judy Shapiro. This award was created to recognize women who have distinguished themselves by their service to Sheba and whose generosity will continue to benefit Sheba for generations to come.

The Global Hero Award was bestowed upon Myra Clark-Siegel, Israel’s consul general wife, who dedicates her personal and professional life to bettering the world, though promoting Israel’s positive impact and global reach; the Women of Achievement Award went to Jean Friedman for standing strong and for building both, the local Jewish community and the State of Israel.

 R-Myra Clark-Siegel recipient of Global Hero Award, Jean Friedman recipient of Women of Achievement Award, Judy Shapiro, recipient of Marjorie Pressman Legacy Award-photo Friends of Sheba
 Sheba-L-Shoshana Zar & husband Parham Zar, president Friends of Sheba, Judy Shapiro, recipient Marjorie Pressman Legacy Award, Myra Clark-Siegel recipient Global Hero Award-photo Friends of Sheba

The event’s center story, presented by actress and producer Noa Tishby, was about the for Integrative Oncology and Zohar Yaakobson, the Center’s founder.  Funds were donated to the Tal Center, named after Tal Yaakobson who lost her life to cancer at the young age of 26 year old.

The Tal Center for Integrative Oncology Medicine, establishment in December 2013, is all about beating cancer by combining forces against cancer, breakthrough research, treating the patients not just the disease, thinking different and beating cancer with more than just radiation. At the Center they aim at empowering the body and the spirit while the patient is going through the treatment.

Hungry for cure for the betterment of the world, gifting Sheba Medical Center is helping healing the world.

Sheba represents what is real, it is the Diaspora’s extended family and the symbol of helping others. Since Sheba is special in what it does, it makes its supporters as special.

Sheba’s slogan is healing, it is humanity’s village of hope that shines light on the sick and is a spotlight for cure; if you want to heal the world support the healer, support Sheba. It is a medical center that signifies all of Israel and thus signifying the world at large.

In Israel rules are merely a suggestion. In Israel they embrace the possibilities and make them a reality. In Sheba they actively create miracles. Above it all, Sheba is where we learn to know what really matters.