Value of Hope is Revealed While Saving Life

Building a momentum for an iconic, most meaningful red-carpet gala takes humongous efforts and much dedication.
Second wide press announcement was made on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018, under the headline, ‘Life & Hope‘ Project Recommends Israeli Doctors for Nobel Peace Prize’ could be found here.
Changing the way the world thinks about Israel’s place and her role in the world and inculcate a new brand, which is the purpose of this meaningful Project, takes doubled efforts and teamwork.
For one, because, for many inconceivable reasons, Israel is always in the news under a derogative headline; and, because, to bring to light exceptionally positive point of view from Israel, a country nestling in an assumingly an inflammable corner of the world, and make it well-known and appreciated worldwide, means, changing minds and hearts and that is no easy task.
The underlying motivation of the project’s working team is to bring to the spotlight the fact that after all is said and done, the state of Israel is an incredible force for good in the world.
Our efforts are directed at the ‘Life & Hope‘ Project
The ‘Life & Hope’ Project, managed by a team of volunteers from the United States and several other countries from around the world, is an original, first time initiative, assembled on three interconnected programs.
The Nobel Peace Prize petition component?
The ‘Life & Hope’ project started a petition to nominate Israeli doctors to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for their life saving, humanitarian work they have been performing, for decades, in 140 countries around the world, including in the hostile Gaza and the West Bank areas.
Believing in this charge, is to SIGN the Petition to have Israeli Doctors nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Medtech component contributing to global health
Israel’s most important resource is its values and visions. The country’s human capital is set on creating novel technologies that improve human’s well-being and quality of life. There is virtually no area in the medicine scope to which Israeli medical devices have not made a significant contributions that benefit the entire global health system.
Israel-the light - photo credit 'Life & Hope MedTechIsrael-the light - photo credit 'Life & Hope MedTech
On December 9th, 2018, from 8:00AM-to-4:00PM, at the Fontainebleau hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, ‘Life & Hope’ Project will feature the ‘IMEC 2018’, a Medtech Expo & Conference, to be showcasing Israeli Medical Technology.
The crescendo component
On December 9th, 2018, at the iconic Fontainebleau hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida, two thousand people from around the world will gather, accompanied by the Miami Symphony Orchestra, prominent members of the diplomatic corps from many countries, United States and Israel government representatives, leaders from all sectors of society and celebrities from the entertainment and sports world, to celebrate ‘Saving Life Creates Value in Hope‘. By attending, as a chorus, the guests will celebrate and express their support for the humanitarian work of all Israeli doctors (
Spreading ‘Life & Hope’ the unlisted but necessary component – teamwork
The Iranian-American Jewish Federation, have given a hand in the efforts to bring ‘Life & Hope’ to its ultimate success. On August 15, 2018, at the Federation Center, in Los Angeles, California, those who care about the betterment of the world came to hear a wonderful, eye opening, presentation by Rabbi Moshe Pitchon, the President of Friends of Ziv Medical Center, a medical center in the City Sefad, located few miles away from Israel’s border with Syria, who is also the President of ‘Life & Hope’ Project, about the remarkable humanitarian work of Israeli doctors performed around the world.
Rabbi Moshe Pitchon at the Iranian-American Jewish Center presentation- August 15, 2018-Photo credit Nurit GreengerRabbi Moshe Pitchon at the Iranian-American Jewish Center presentation- August 15, 2018-Photo credit Nurit Greenger
The ‘Life & Hope’ Gala is going to be the most significant party of the year, the end of 2018 talk of the town. But, we must keep in mind that in reality it is so much more than just a glitzy party. When you attend this Gala, you are showing support for the work of hundreds of Israeli doctors – Jews, Christians, Druze, and Muslim – who, through their life-saving labor foster understanding and budding peace around the world.