Obama’s personal salvation

 Obama, a compulsive pathological liar, the misleader in chief of the United States and beyond.

It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.” ~ Will Durant

Some say that democracy is the tyranny of the masses and that is the reason why America’s Founding Fathers established a Constitutional Republic.

When Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Founding Fathers of the United States, a renowned polymath, a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat, exited the Constitutional Convention he was asked by a woman: "Sir, what have you given us?"

His immediate response was: "A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it."

Republic vs Democracy 

The political Left is all about control and the end goal serves their means. Only when they are not in power they want to get rid of the imperialist, capitalist political Right Wing members. However, when the Left is in power, they are the imperialist, capitalist overkill rats.


For 20 years Obama hid this video from the public, enough time to be able to do the damage he planned to do everywhere. Suddenly it has now surfaced on the Internet.

The video [listen to it very carefully]:

From the Vault


- Barack Obama - September 1995:

In this video, recorded on September 20, 1995, Barack Obama, already having budding arrogance attitude and rather openness about his ideology and sentiments, is speaking at the Cambridge Public Library; the clip was originally aired on Channel 37 Cambridge Municipal Television, as an episode of the show "The Author Series," in which Obama discusses his biography book "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," released a few months earlier. In the video, Obama is introduced as a Harvard Law School student and the President of the Harvard Law Review.

Some points in the video worth going over:

Ideology of a despot

Personal salvation: “My individual fate had to be tied to something larger than myself, that my individual salvation would only come from collective salvation of some sort,” Obama states. That means that he will impose his own salvation on the masses and that is the way ONLY a despot talks.

On black people verses white people: “In human quality and power, we [black people-NG] were always playing on white man court, by white man rule…because of that fundamental power he [white man-NG] held over you [Black-NG], because what proceeded and what we lost, as individual motives and inclinations, any distinctions between good and bad, whites held negligible meaning…until being black meant your own powerless and your own defeat…”

Barack Obama seems to suffer from a black man inferiority syndrome, holds a negative distinction of skin color, and appears to have suffered various isolation situations because of his skin color, adding to it is his bitterness, resentment and shame.

However, it is clear that Obama despises him being a black man and is jealous of the white people. He therefore removes himself from association with black people, unless he can use them to foment racism. He dines, vacations and plays golf, his pastime occupation, in the super elitist white man places, such as Martha’s Vineyard, Palm Spring, or Hawaii, to name a few and sends his daughters to private, all white schools such as Sidwell Friends School, a highly selective Quaker private school located in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Obama’s relations with several, worth mentioning, devilish people who hate(d) America and Israel

Frank Marshall Davis, was an American journalist, poet, businessman, and political and labor movement activist who strongly supported Communism. Davis began his career writing for African-American newspapers in Chicago. He then moved to Atlanta, where he became the editor of the paper he turned into the Atlanta Daily World, and then he moved back to Chicago. During this time, he was outspoken about political and social issues, while also covering topics that ranged from sports to music.

Interestingly enough, in Barack Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams from My Father, he never discussed the identity of the “mysterious Frank” he mentioned in the book and who had given him important advice on growing up as a black man in what was described as a ‘white racist world’. In 2008 though we learned that mystery “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party who was the subject of a 600-page FBI file. Still, the major, mostly Left leaning media never asked Obama about this important relationship during his growing up years in Hawaii.

Now, in this extraordinary development, the surfaced video of Obama’s lecture explicitly and openly identifies this “mysterious Frank”. Obama discusses “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis at about 8:37 minute into the video run.

BHO talks

about a Commie he later lied that he didn’t really know:

Weatherman terrorists Williams Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn:

William Charles "Bill" Ayers, is an American elementary education theorist and a former leader in the counterculture of a movement who opposed US involvement in the Vietnam War. He is known for his 1960s radical activism as well as his current work in education reform, curriculum and instruction. In 1969 Ayers became the co-founded of the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that, during the 1960s and 1970s in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings, including police stations in New York and Greenwich Village townhouse, the United States Capitol Building and the Pentagon.

Bernardine Rae Dohrn, was a leader of the Weather Underground as well. As a member of the Weather Underground, Dohrn helped to create a “Declaration of a State War” against the United States government, and was placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, where she remained for three years. From 1991 to 2013 she was a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the Children Family Justice Center at Northwestern University School of Law, in Chicago in Illinois. Dohrn is married to Bill Ayers.

Rashid Ismail Khalidi, is an Arab-Palestinian-Lebanese American historian of Middle East studies, the Edward Said (A pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel) Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University and director of the Middle East Institute of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, also is known for serving as editor of the scholarly journal, Journal of Palestine Studies and is an anti-Israel activist.

Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr., is Pastor Emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC), in Chicago with a congregation exceeding 6,000, which Obama attended for 20 years. In early 2008, Wright retired after 36 years as the Senior Pastor. Following retirement, Wright's beliefs and preaching were scrutinized when segments of his sermons were publicized in connection with Barak Obama’s presidential campaign.  

On April 27, 2008, in his speech entitled, 'A More Perfect Union' - before the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People, Obama addressed and defended the Wright’s controversial issues saying he was not "divisive" but "descriptive" and that the black church experience, like black culture, was "different" but not "deficient".

Saul Alinsky ideology

Saul David Alinsky, was an American community organizer, and a writer, generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. Barack Obama jumped into fame from his first and last job as a community organizer. Alinsky’s organizing skills were focused on improving the living conditions of poor communities across North America. In the 1950s, he began turning his attention to improving conditions in the African-American ghettos, beginning with Chicago's ghettos and later traveling to other ghettoized "trouble spots". Alinsky championed new ways to organize the poor and powerless that created a backyard revolution in cities across America. Hundreds of professional community and labor organizers, and thousands of community and labor leaders have been trained at Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) workshops, founded by Alinsky. In the 1960s Alinsky’s ideas were adapted by some US college students and other young counterculture-era organizers, who used them as part of their strategies for organizing on campus and beyond. Time magazine once wrote that "American democracy is being altered by Alinsky's ideas," and conservative author William F. Buckley said that Alinsky was "very close to being an organizational genius."

When you listen to and influenced by the above mentioned people you are involved. It is a choice you make, it is not by force. That means that these people and Barak Obama have much in common. In his years as president Obama has been proven, beyond all doubt, that they all champion each other.

People never vetted Obama before voting for him; people went for his smile, for his skin color (out of some guilt?), his pretentious cool attitude and his empty promises that no one really understood their meaning. People voted for Obama like a deer running toward the headlights of a car. It is too late now to know anything about this man. The damage has been done!

Hilary Clinton

will be a continuation of Obama’s disastrous doctrine. Some say she will be even more Left leaning president, if she is to be elected. We, the American people, need to decide what is good for OUR America. Is it the LIBERTY our Founding Father so cherished and left for us to preserve or, is it our enslavement to a corrupt, deceitful, tyrannical and feckless government as we see it in its full starkness today?

Remember the past, live well in the present and have hope and belief in the future to which you can noticeably contribute.

In my not so humble opinion, if Obama had his way along his sense of community organizing he would have tried to ‘community organize’ the entire United States youths and transform the community to his way of thinking. See the video:’The Wave based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, California in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.