Put the Blame Where It Belongs

 There is enough wrong in the United States’ domestic and foreign policies which is attributable to President Obama. However, the recent events in Dallas, the advent of #Black Lives Matter and the renewed activism of the New Black Panthers is not his fault. Our society treats black people wrong in many cases. Young black jazz musicians have been pulled over by police for no infractions or suspicious behavior, rather for being black. The President is Black, no need to use hyphenations and I assume that he may feel the pain of the sorry predicament of many American Black people.
A man attempts to keep protesters from engaging with police in riot gear in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters after police attempted to clear the street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.~PHOTOGRAPH BY MAX BECHERER / AP

I am Jewish from a family who suffered being disenfranchised. I constantly dwell on anti-Semitism issues and the unfair and immoral bashing and treatment Israel receives in so many world’s institutions.

Thanks to programs that are anti-discriminatory and the reparations of affirmative action there is a large and growing number of Black Americans who have entered into and participate in every institution in our nation. Why are these who managed to cross all barriers are mostly silent on the illegitimacy, fourth generation of unwed black teen age mothers, rampant drug use and sales, and criminal behavior that plague Black youth and render them unemployable? Why do they accept the false and destructive narrative of the Left, which they have been captive to?

There are the exceptions to name a handful, Tom Sowell, Jason Riley, Ben Carson, Deroy Murdock, Larry Elder, Pastor Jesse Peterson and commentator Juan Williams who tries to confront these issues on the Left, though not always from a good standpoint for Black Americans? Where are the others, the rest?

Blame them and their “leaders” and their badly leading pastors as well as posturing white elite limousine despicable liberals who work to gain political points on account of the life and future of every American of dark skin. But don’t blame the President for this crisis; it did not start eight years ago, though his ideology, behavior and inapt to lead managed to make the situation so much worse.

Baltimore riots 2015  

As I see it, Obama is of black and white parents. His inner struggle with who he is and the struggle of America is of same. Unless we stop seeing color to see that all people have been created equal in God’s creation this problem will never go away. It may lull for a while and then will surface again to be covered with a thin plaster to deteriorate and resurface over and over. No Affirmative Action will heal this sore created by mankind, only following the inalienable right of true equality for all people.