Rendition of the 2-State Peace-Meal [sic] Solution

Since 1993, the year the Israelis signed the Oslo Accords with terrorist Yasser Arafat, the world, ongoing, has been talking about some 2-state-solution vision which will give to Arafat’s people, Arabs masquerading as a new nationality named “Palestinians”, a state in the living room of the state of Israel.

One needs to ask how come this plan never grew flesh but spilt much Jewish blood and caused much anxiety. After all, 25 years, a generation period in history, have passed since 1993 and the prospect of the 2-state-solution, though often propagated, never came to fruition, a pipe dream that never got to be born.

So it is time to do a last rendition of this thoughtless, plan-no plan, because as far as yours truly, the writer, is concerned that 2-state-solution was a bad lip service, a bad ruse that harmed Israel tremendously and exponentially enriched Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas’s bank accounts but did very little good to the people they claimed to be ruling over..

What went wrong?

The 2-state solution that hoped to give birth to the 2-state peace plan achieved one major factor; it brought about the might of terror to the heart of Israel and has been rewarding the PalArabs’ terror and terrorists in inexplicable ways.

A PalArab kills an Israel-Jew and he or she gets rewarded. And who pays for this reward? The West, the European Union and the United States, the PalArabs’ bank rollers.

The rumor resonating these days is that President Trump's team is about to come up with their new peace plan and in it the 2-state-solution is still on the agenda. Where exactly this Arab state is going to mushroom is another matter altogether.

As long as the elite PalArabs are brainwashing their subjects to murder Israelis and those who accomplish the murder are rewarded heftily, how does the United States come up with a “Peace-Meal Plan” that will, again, give the PalArab Terror Authority a podium from which they can demand much more? Mind you, is the Palestinian Authority any different than ISIS that slits peoples’ throats and pays the murderers?

However, here is a wise advice for the Trump’s team. Your plan, any plan to settle this challenge conflict must not reward those who pay terrorists in proportion to how many Jews they kill. If this facet is ignored, Mr. Trump, you will go down in history as one other USA president who followed the madness of doing the same thing over and over again hoping to achieve different result. You cannot try achieve what is not achievable.

Why I call them PalArabs and refuse to call them “Palestinians”

The truth is that they are Arabs whose ancestors, in the 19th century, arrived to the land of Israel from the surrounding Arab lands and farther. None have any claim to the land neither to the newly invented name ‘Palestinians’. If we call them ‘Palestinians’ then they are a people and a people have history. These people have no history, rather a mirror to the countries from where they arrived to the land of Israel, mostly for economic prosperity reasons.

 Mandate for Palestine-the 1920 original territory assigned as  the Jewish national home

The ‘Palestinian’ nation was founded on the base of destroying Israel and I will not give them the relevance; I will not give them neither this base nor the elevation to accomplish their cause.

I prefer to call them by who they are, Arabs. However, to distinguish these rootless terror prone people from other Arab nationals I address them by the worse option, PalArabs.

I named it the ‘peace meal’ onomatopoeia for piece-meal, which means, little by little, slowly, in stages, in steps, step by step, according to which this 2-state plan the PalArabs will end Israel.

The PalArabs and their westerners providers and cohorts and those who simply did not get what the 2-state plan means, fluffed the brain of the entire world to believe that the only way to get the PalArabs out of Israel’s hair was to slice Israel and give one slice to her foes. So much so that there was nothing else in substitute to achieve an end to the conflict the Arabs have with Israel.

The slinging match

Maybe it is not the right time to bring the subject up or perhaps it is the perfect time.

On the eve of Netanyahu-Trump talks in Washington DC this week and Netanyahu’s appearance in front of the AIPAC 18,000 count audience, AIPAC chief Howard Kohr called, again, for a “Palestinian statehood.” Howard Kohr called for a 'two-states for two peoples: One Jewish with secure and defensible borders, and one Palestinian with its own flag and its own future'.

In response, Yossi Dagan, the head of Samaria Regional Council claimed that the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC chieftain is misrepresenting the views of Washington and Jerusalem with his support for the establishment of PalArab state.

It is impossible not to notice how AIPAC continuously snubs Dr. Mordechai Kedar and Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), in order to hide the truth from its members, the truth these two pundits speak volume about. Because if AIPAC members really knew the truth this pro-Israel body would have to make some changes in its course.

I cannot say it enough: that the world has fallen hook, line and sinker for duplicitous PalArab propaganda that speaks volume to the success of one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated. And Mahmoud Abbas-Abu Mazen and even many in the pro-Israel camp are still at it!

Head of states, international bodies heads, politicians, public speakers, activists, you name it, fluffed our brains for decades to make us believe that the Arabs, naming themselves with a baseless name “Palestinians,” deserve to have a state, to be founded on a land that does not belong to them nor they deserve to have. Our brains were so intensely fluffed with the idea that stealing land from Israel will bring peace to the region. Oh’ no, what a lie.  More so, that state, they have already named and address as “Palestine” will be Judenrein-Jew-free state; just as Hitler tried to do, to have a Judenrein world over which he wanted to rule. Hitler almost succeeded. This monster and he monstrous Nazi nation murdered one of every three Jews who lived in the world at that time. What makes one think that these Arabs-PalArabs do not hate Jews just the same as the Nazis did and would live, side by side, with Israel in peace?

I am here to remind the world that only reality and truth will bring to an end a conflict Israel had nothing to do with, only for the fact that it was drifted into it for being the Jewish state, Israel.