Selectiveness? Quo Vadis Civilization?

If you are not afraid to tell the truth, today’s world’s enemy is radical Islam. Sadly, and reluctantly however, it must be said that there are unwitting, co-conspirators who strengthen the hands of the evil doers.

Islam that radicalized itself is the scourge and this must be cried out from every mountain top.

How can one convince the world in general and many of the Jews in particular, that this is not just anti-Semitism, that this is not just anti-Zionism, that this is not just Jew hate, rather, it is the Moslems who were radicalized full throttled attack on everything that is morally precious to the Western society?

How can one convince the world in general and many of the Jews in particular, that conciliation is not an option, because they do not offer any compromise? Everything we are, everything we believe in, everything we treasure is at risk, it may be lost.

The threat is so extraordinarily clear and the enemy so extremely ruthless that it is inexplicable how anyone in their right mind doesn’t get it.

Democracy does not always win. We have been seeing it all too often. Tyranny does not always lose. We have been seeing it all too often.

It is time to admit that the world is on fire, on the precipice for some huge explosion. We must awake from our slumber.

It is Ehr kumt, ( the sermon of the slaughter of the innocent, their silence allowed evil Islam to define itself.

The case of the Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville took the mind of way too many of the real enemy. It shows us that these types are a loathsome, uncouth, hateful group. Yes, President Trump made an out of line, foolish, but not that inaccurate statement, about the “decent people on both sides.” And the media, oh’ the media, the speaking mouth of the Left, also the never-Trumpsters, came out in force. Sadly, even many Republican summer soldiers and sunshine patriots are tucking up their petticoats in high dudgeon. So be it for now.

 Swastika in Charlottesville

Right-wing groups, small in number with very limited national influence, appear to be amateur bigots, none are part of the academia or the media. The newly born AntiFa groups are confirmed professional bigots who know how to manipulate and influence the public. They employ every perceived grievance, expressed by every minority, to inflame national rhetoric in order to destroy our democracy.

The ones that really annoy me to the point of getting me truly mad are the hypocrites who use the Holocaust metaphor and the anti-Semitism term to denounce the Neo-Nazis. “This is the ideology that killed six-million Jews,” shrieked a young man recently. Really?! Rather sarcastically comical, we never heard his like denounce driven genocide Islamic jihad. For that matter, his like probably supported then President Obama’s Iran deal, that enables this Islamist genocidal regime, openly avows and declares to destroy Israel and kill the six-million Jews living there, to have nuclear arsenal. And his like probably thinks that the BDS movement is just an expression of tough love of the state of Israel. Go figure out this type of beings.

In summation, the greater issue at hand is the sudden interest in “our” Nazis, when Islam has deep Nazism and anti-Semitism traits. The greater issue at hand is the sudden interest in Nazis while anti-Semitism has been on a constant escalation for the last ten years, or longer.

The question is, why is it that a couple of hundred of anti-Semites all of a sudden warrant such massive attention from the mainstream press, from the Democrats, and from the Left and perhaps from you, the reader, but none of them call Islam for what it is? Why don’t they - or you - care as much when millions of college students get together every year for a week-long celebration of anti-Semitism much of it driven by organizations like “Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)”?

Could it be that the only difference is that the college students don’t display the swastika, as those Right-Wing groups do? Or could it possibly be that all this faux-rage is a way of scoring more political points against President Trump?

And the real enemy is not slumbering.

Do not expect moral courage or any apologies from those who now tied many reputations to a false version of what President Donald Trump said, and the version of events in Charlottesville that may or may not survive careful documentation.

Mobs are mobs. Hoodlums are Hoodlums. Nazis and their like, whose every thought is reprehensible, will still quail in the face of a lawless, dangerous crowd. CEOs of publicly traded companies are not in the business of being brave, rather in the business of prosperity. And remember, Neo-Nazis and ‘white supremacists’ may be a continuity of American embarrassment and eyesore, but they are not today’s most pressing threat to our civil liberties.

Whatever the case maybe, this burning issue is not skin deep of the Right or the Left; it goes way deeper and is becoming more frightening by the minute.