The Parade of Children in the Line of Media Fire

There is that iconic picture of a young boy, a terrified child, holding his hands up as armed SS Nazis surround and round-up the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, during the repugnant segregating Jewish dwelling quarter’s liquidation in 1943.
The infamous photo of a Jewish child at Warsaw Ghetto with Nazi guns threatening him-Photo credit Wikimedia Commons 

Pictures of children who are hurt and/or at risk evoke a special horror among decent people. Terrorists, like Hamas and Hezbollah and their willful evil supporters and other no decent people use such photos to advance their agenda.

Indecent journalists stage and exploit such photographs to further their and others bias and political agenda. A recent Time Magazine cover is an example.

In Gaza Strip where the terrorist group Hamas rules, Hamas paid the grieving family of their deceased baby, Layla al-Ghandour, to use her photo and then blame Israeli troops, left with no other option while protecting Israel, who fired on the anarchist and extremely violent “peaceful demonstrators” along the Gaza security fence border with Israel.

Sadly, nothing is new here. History attests for this type behavior to be customary with wicked people.

In August of 1982, during the first Lebanon-Israel 1st War, newspapers and magazines’ front pages and television footage were flooded with pictures of a Lebanese baby with bandages covering her body. The headlines and networks screamed: “A baby who lost both arms was severely burned as a result of a bomb dropped by and Israeli plane.”

George Schultz, then US Secretary of State, by every measure a decent and fair man, after being shown the photograph and headline misguidedly declared: “The symbol of this war is a baby whose arms have been amputated.”

Indeed harsh words, but totally wrong. It was soon discovered and disclosed that the baby had not lost any limbs nor suffered severe burns. In fact, the light injuries were sustained from a shell misfired by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) troopers.

Many years later, following the terrorism spree that followed the Oslo Agreement and perpetually continued ever since, the mainstream media failed to notice and/or record photos of Jewish baby mangled strollers and/or the blood soaked sheets of a crib in Israel, all real, all vicious, with no ‘Pallywood’[1] extravaganza attached to them.

Telling the truth about Israel defeats the bias the media so comfortably basks in when it comes to the Jewish state defending herself and/or acting moral, as no other country does.

Telling truth to biased journalists is analogous to casting pearls before a swine.

We can apply this bias journalism method to the media crying wolf about children separated from their parents and held is special services protection encampment at the United States’ southern border with Mexico. These parents want to enter the USA illegally and that is totally unacceptable to any decent American. The cure to these tear jerking scenes, do not commit a crime; do not arrive at the border of a country without an invitation and then turn a criminal before even making the first legal foot step in that country.

At  USA border  with ICE-Photo credit Wikimedia Commons 

[1]Pallywood, a portmanteau of "Palestinian" and "Hollywood", is a coinage that has been used to describe media manipulation, distortion or fraud by the Palestinians and other Arabs, designed to win the public relations war against Israel.