Yemin Orde Youth Choir Sings For West Coast USA

On April 11, 2016, at Beth Jacob Synagogue in Beverly Hills, they held a choirs’ concert in honor of the 12 gusts, Yemin Orde Youth Choir and in support of educational communities for at-risk youth in Israel . Hosting participating choirs were Harkham Hebrew Academy choir, conductor Cantor Arik Wollheim, Jewish Community Children's Choir, Conductor, Dr. Michelle Willner and Shalhevet High School with Acapela performance.

The Yemin Orde Youth Choir 11 members are teenagers between 15-to-18 year old. Sandro Golis, originally from Georgia, USSR, a graduate of Yemin Orde and the Technion, now a computer engineer, has joined the choir for its 2016 performing tour. The choir members are from Ethiopia, Brazil, France, former Soviet Union and Israel-born representing a fascinating mosaic of the 440 at-risk children who live and learn at Yemin Orde Youth Village, located some miles south of Haifa.

 Members of the Yemin Order Youth Choir performing
 Two members of the Yemin Order Youth Choir performing
 Jewish Community Children's Choir, Conductor, Dr. Michelle Willner and Cantor Arik Wollheim
 Shalhevet Choir

Most of Yemin Orde’s youth are new immigrants to Israel, struggling with overwhelming culture and educational challenges of integration into Israeli society.

Music is important, it speaks for you and with you. At Yemin Orde music helps build self-esteem, learn about teamwork and allows creative expression opportunities.

“I see our choir as a beautiful tapestry, representing hope for Israel’s future.” ~Shmuli Bing, Director of Yemin Orde Youth Village

When in Israel, go visit the village, and of course support is most welcome. USA national office, Bethesda, Maryland, Karen Sallerson, Executive Director:  202.237.0286