Another Act of War

 Yes, guns getting into the hands of evil people is bad; but blaming the NRA seems rather pointless since the man who committed the act of terror in Orlando was not a member of the NRA.  I’m unclear how blaming the several hundred million owners of guns in the US who aren’t killing anyone has anything to do with what happened or makes anything better.  Imagining that getting rid of guns will stop the killing is childish and simplistic magical thinking.  The world doesn’t work that way. Prohibition never works.  I personally don’t like guns and don’t own any.  My personal feelings don’t mean you can’t enjoy them, though, so long as you don’t hurt anyone with them.  If you do murder someone, then…well, we already have laws about that, don’t we?  Of course, the laws against killing have yet to actually solve the problem of killing. They just give us the ability to punish you if you misbehave. I don’t like Brussels sprouts, either.  If you do, that’s your business and you’re welcome to them as long as you don’t try to make me eat them or throw them at me.

Yes, demonizing all members of the Islamic religion is a bad thing.  Other Muslims are not responsible for the acts of the shooter in Orlando.  Blaming them would make about as much sense as blaming everyone who wears beards or drives cars just because the killer wore a beard and drove a car.

Yes, the LGBTQ community suffers persecution in the United States and many members of a variety of religions have been known to say bad things about them. That’s very sad and very wrong.  Those members of religions that aren’t beheading gays, tossing them from high buildings, or hanging them from cranes—I don’t know, I think perhaps we should at first focus on those who are killing people, rather than getting all high and mighty about those who refuse to bake cakes or get snippy about public restrooms.  You know, fix the big problems like killing folk, then worry about people who just say unkind things and discriminate.

The Caliphate, also known as ISIS, has declared war on the United States of America.  It might be good if the political leaders and pundits of the United States would focus on the actual, real problem and criticize the actual, real enemy.  I know, it’s so much more fun to try to sound sophisticated and to point out the faults of the stupid people who don’t share your enlightened political views. 

Unfortunately, we are at war.  If you shift your attention to those who have not actually declared war on us, those who are our actual enemy, well, you’re just plain irresponsible and stupid. This isn’t the time for virtue signaling.