One can’t help but wonder if the current occupant of the White House who exaplained that “ISIS is contained” earlier today doesn’t now resemble the “Mission Accomplished” banner during the Bush administration following the attack in Paris.  Timing is everything, and once again, the current president’s timing is a bit off.  Not that he or his defenders would ever admit that.

At least this time in his speech following the attack he did mention the “t” word; that’s one small step in the right direction. Although in his mind it appears it’s only a crime rather than an act of war. Whether he’ll ever be able to acknowledge that ISIS and the other forms of Islamic extremism are at war with the West I can’t help but doubt. The attack on Paris will be hard to spin away, one would think, but then again, certain westerners seemed determined to keep their heads in the sand no matter what. 

One would hope that he won’t once again be like the judge who was notorious for being lenient to lawbreakers.  One day he was mugged and as he was leaving the hospital a reporter asked him if his experience of getting mugged might have some effect on how he conducted himself on the bench.  He responded by saying “of course not.”  A little old lady in the crowd then shouted, “someone needs to mug him again, then.”

How many more violent attacks is the West going to endure before we get serious about the real problem and do something about it? Or will the pundits once again try to get us to believe that it is really somehow all the fault of the West and those who attack us are the real victims?  They'd never blame a rape victim, I should hope,  but somehow when terrorists attack, there are some who seem to believe that it's always the fault of the Western world. Others will remind us to be careful about blaming all those of certain ethnic or religious persuasions, as if that is really the most critical issue at the moment.  How about we focus on the bad guys for once, acknowledge they are bad guys, and punish them and all those who support them?

The author of Ecclesiastes wrote that "there is a time for everything...a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace." (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 8)  It's time we acknowledge that this is not a time for peace.