State of the Union

 So let’s see.  Iran regularly encourages its citizens to gather and chant “death to America.”  It regularly proclaims America as the Great Satan.  It has a nuclear program.  And now it has captured ten American sailors and their boats. Thankfully they were released without harm, though the Iranians believe that they are owed an apology.  And according to the current administration, we’re supposed to think that the nuclear agreement negotiated with this regime is of value and is helping to keep us and the world safer.

Why should I trust this American president?  He regularly lies to the American people, whether it’s regarding his health care program that he rammed through Congress while he assured everyone it would lower insurance costs and that families would be able to keep their doctors and plans if they wanted.  The reality, of course, was exactly the opposite and he knew it when he said it repeatedly.

Now he assures the American people that the nuclear deal with Iran is a good thing, even as the Iranian government continues its belligerent ways as if nothing has changed.

I don’t believe this American president.  He has regularly lied in the past; why should this time be any different?