Stupidity Set On High

 Various news outlets are explaining a new bit of detail regarding the nuclear “deal” with Iran.  The Jerusalem Post reports:
The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency will allow Iran to use its own experts and equipment to conduct an investigation into questions over its past nuclear weaponization work, according to a leaked document obtained by the Associated Press.
The agreement, characterized as “unusual” by nuclear experts, amounts to the IAEA “essentially ceding the agency’s investigative authority to Iran,” the AP stated in its report.
According to Jerry Pournelle, a noted science fiction author, Napoleon Bonaparte was once confronted about the actions of one of his generals. His aide told him that the man was obviously a traitor and needed to be dealt with accordingly.  Napoleon commented, “Never attribute to malice what is more easily explained by stupidity and incompetence.”
Apparently the current occupant of the White House, along with the leaders of Europe and the UN that have agreed to this deal, are stupid and incompetent.  And any U.S. senator that votes in favor of the agreement is outing himself or herself as equally stupid.
This is like letting a drug addict bring his own urine sample from home.  It’s like giving foxes the keys to the hen-house.  It’s akin to giving a convicted pedophile a job at a school.
Is this over the top criticism?  Not at all.  This deal is over the top idiocy.  The stupid is strong with it; this is stupidity of a sort that can barely exist in this universe.  This is singularity stupid.  Stupid on steroids.  Stupid so heavy that even God can’t pick it up.  Stupid that sucks all the intelligence from any mind that comes anywhere close to it.  Stupid that is so intense as to blind any who dare gaze upon it.  Stupid that is so vast as to require a whole new system of mathematics to calculate it.  Stupid that violates the known laws of physics.  Stupid that is more than as stupid does.  Stupid of this level was once posited as not even being possible in a universe such as ours.  This is 11 on the dial of stupid.  This is stupid so high that even at the speed of light, no human should actually be able to reach it within a normal lifespan.  These so-called leaders of the world have discovered the warp drive of stupidity with the unfortunate side-effect of also warping time so that they’re all partying like it’s 1938.