Donald Trump is a thoughtless individual who seems not to mind the taste of shoe leather. Chances are he is not malicious.  But he speaks without thinking about the consequences or implications of his suggestions.  It’s one thing to speak your mind.  It’s another thing not to bother using it first. 

When my youngest daughter was a child, she was especially prone to acting without considering consequences.  One day she was chasing our golden retriever through the house while attempting to ride him like a pony (she was about four years old).  We warned her to stop that, but of course she didn’t listen.  Next thing we knew we were in the emergency room with her while she got stitches in her forehead: she’d ridden the poor animal into the side of our fish tank.  The dog and the fish tank were both fine. After the stiches, so was she. 

Then there was the incident with our poor cat.  She had scissors.  The cat had whiskers.  Hmm.  We ended up with a very unhappy cat. Though whiskers do grow back.

Donald Trump is like my four-year-old. Rather than riding a dog through my living room, he speaks without thinking, and then doubles down.  His many proposals are ludicrous in the extreme.  The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution is very clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”  If he were President, he would simply not be able to keep Muslims out of the United States.  The Supreme Court would quickly hand him his um…rump. His “idea” isn’t allowed by the constitution.  And despite Trump’s statement about “closing the internet in some way,” once again, that pesky U.S. Constitution stands as a firm barrier against his mindless posturing.

Donald Trump has no business even being in the same city with the Oval Office.  Maybe Trump is evil with fascist tendencies.  But I suspect that in fact he’s just, well…

There is a dictum attributed to Napoleon: “Never attribute to malice what is more easily explained by stupidity and incompetence.”